It’s Clear From Tuesday’s APHSS Meeting That Agencies Will Work Harder for Their Money

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I’ve always said if you invited the entire adult industry to a party, one half of the room wouldn’t know who the other half was.

The fact that Tuesday’s APHSS meeting was held at the Majestic Plaza in a tiny room that was hardly majestic at least lowered the odds of recognition. But, when it comes to important industry issues, it still looks like the business is divided down the middle.

I’m also one of these people who believe that if something works you don’t fix it. Only Diane Duke’s [pictured] apparently of the opinion that AIM was a walking lawsuit that invited security breaches ala Porn Wiki Leaks, and that the new APHSS system of test records maintenance is the answer.

To tell you the truth, I watched a broadcast of the meeting live on the Internet and still couldn’t tell you how APHSS would work, and there seems to be a lot of concerns, as well, about privacy issues and who’s supposed to be responsible for what.

Everyone in the room had a different opinion on that.

“No one wants a recurrence of AIM,” Duke reminded her audience. [Translation: we don’t need another stinkin’ lawsuit.]

I also know that if I were a performer I’d want Shy Love looking out for my interests.

It’s clear if you read various news reports and press releases that Duke and Love who came to the meeting ready for bear, are at loggerheads on issues; but Love is pretty much in command of her facts and way more aggressive than the present FSC leadership.

During one discussion about testing and turnaround of results [Duke said there are 4,000 recognized APHSS testing sites around the country] Love brought up the fact that a performer working in Las Vegas had to wait eleven days for test results.

[That sounds like some of my current advertisers who owe me money.]

The thing that’s particularly disturbing about all this is how Duke kept explaining the APHSS database. Because no first or second generation info will be made available, it seems, at least on the surface, to indicate that agents, like Love, will have a lot more due diligence and personal responsibility.

Unless they enjoy keeping strict tabs of their performers and who they worked with because of potentially litigious privacy issues and who’s allowed to access what.

“Our industry does not change at lightning speed,” Duke reminded the august body which may have been the most salient point she made all afternoon.

“We have a program designed to protect you guys. We’ve made changes and we have to abide by the laws.” Only no one seemed to know, for instance, which laws apply for determining the status of porn performers – employees? or contractors?. The debate continues.

One producer asked why TTS was not acceptable.

“They’re not a part of this program,” says Duke.

Another producer, if he heard everything correctly, said “I’m hearing a separation of acceptance for this universal system.” Bingo.

However, the good news. Testing for Syphilis will begin in September.

Love also asked, in the view of the fact that AHF and Michael Weinstein have erected an insurmountable mountain of anti-porn industry propaganda on the condom issue, what FSC has on the burner.

“A variety of things that we can’t discuss,” said Duke. “Things are happening behind the scenes. We’re doing the best we can.”

“These people at AHF are serious,” Ernest Greene reminded the meeting.

“Don’t think they’re not out there. Weinstein is a mental maniac and attention whore. Don’t expect him to stop. They have a lot of money and no scruples.”

“I’d like to brag about all the stuff we’ve done behind the scenes but I can’t,” Duke said once more.

It was mentioned that the industry has one powerful weapon- the voice of performers.

“They have to speak up and be heard. [Maybe Duke said this, I wasn’t keeping track.]

“They have to make it clear that they don’t want it [the condom referendum]. It’s Important for performers to get out there and campaign actively. They’re the best voices we got.”

Duke also mentioned that the word is AHF, which gets government contracts out the ying yang, is coming out with their own line of condoms, thus maybe this push for a mandate.

Some industry producer brought up the idea that maybe the adult industry should have licensing agreements among condom companies in place.

Ya think?

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