James Deen Proves Industry Testing/Protocols are a Joke as He Solicits Fuck a Fans

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from www.thefrisky.com – Have you dreamed about having porn star James Deen make sweet, sweet love to you? Okay, maybe not sweet, sweet love.

Have you dreamed about having porn star James Deen rail you from behind until your body explodes in a serious of earth-shaking orgasms? Well, stop dreaming and make it a reality, by applying for the honor of being fucked by the most famous male porn star of the moment.

Deen apparently gets so many emails from women wanting to hear his sex growl in action that he’s created a section on his website www.jamesdeen.com/models.php for them to actually apply to become one of his many sex partners.

Of course, there’s a catch: you need to be willing to do the deed on camera. What, you thought this was a private affair? Please. And don’t think of this as a contest — this is essentially a casting call for wannabe porn stars who would like the privilege of doing their first scene with a master. So this is how Farrah Abraham got the gig, I assume? Anyway, I love James Deen, don’t get me wrong, but I’m a Manuel Ferrara girl. I wonder if he’d be less insistent on the whole “on-camera” thing… [Uproxx]

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