James Deen: The Biggest Adult Star Since Jenna Jameson

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from www.impre.com – Most actors in the porn industry can expect their careers to end where they began: in adult films. However, some adult stars have tried to make a successful crossover to mainstream flims. Joey Stefano, Nina Hartley, and Jenna Jameson are just a few who tried to make the leap.

Jameson has arguably been the most successful of all, starring in movies like Private Parts (1997); now a 26-year-old actor is following her steps.

His name is James Deen, and he has broken the muscle-bound stereotype in the adult industry with his boy-next-door looks. Now, he’s making a foray into Hollywood films.

Deen is co-starring with Lindsay Lohan in director Bret Easton Illis’s new film, The Canyons, set to be released in 2013. A lot of girls might fall for James Deen’s blue eyes and sheepish smile. Don’t be deceived, though. He has starred in several graphic xxx-rated movies.

Since filming began, rumors have surfaced that Deen and Lohan are dating, but Deen claims that he is not involved with his co-star. This, however, is not the real issue at hand. The big question mark is planted squarely on the actor’s talent. Can the guy act?

Will he make it in Hollywood? Only time–and the release of the movie–will tell.

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