James Deen: We are essentially stunt men and women engaging in stunt-style sex

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James Deen did a video interview with www.guardian.co.uk

Among the questions Deen was asked were his views on Measure B.

“I’m personally against Measure B because it’s a violation of the American Constitution, freedom of speech and freedom of expression,” says Deen.

“I have other reasons that I’m against it as well but my primary concern about it is that it violates my rights as an American to express myself and create content in whatever way I choose.

“Constitutionally whether you call adult films art or not, Constitutionally they’re protected under the same thing that protects art and movies and any sort of entertainment or expression.

“Andy Warhol, for instance, he’s made basically pornographic movies but they’re art. Now if Andy Warhol was required to make somebody wear a condom in a movie he was making that would violate his freedom of expression and his ability to make his art in the way in chooses.

“Essentially this is the same thing. Adult films are entertainment. Because of this we are essentially stunt men and women engaging in stunt-style sex.

“When you watch a movie and somebody’s riding a motorcycle down a staircase without a helmet and jumping over bridges and stuff, that’s not real life. That’s a trained professional operating extreme actions in a safe, controlled environment. They’re the safest most controlled environment.

“That’s essentially what we are,” added Deen.

“We’re operating crazy, sexual acts for the entertainment of our viewers- the same as riding on a motorcycle we’re engaging in these crazy sexual stunts if you will. And we’re doing it in a controlled, safe environment.

“You add a piece of latex to it and then, cool, safer, let’s do it- condom. In actuality condoms are intended for someone to have sex for about 10 to 12 minutes with an average sized penis in a regular fashion.

“Not an about average sized penis in these crazy sexual stunts, if you will, with an an above average sized penis for anywhere from 30 minutes to up to three or four hours. That’s not a condom-intended use.

“They’re claiming to do something to benefit the community but in actuality the only community it affects is the adult film community. We don’t need it. We’ve had zero HIV transmissions in almost ten years.”

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