James Lee a Bagman for Fabian?

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Then, again, the Yahoo website is reporting that Barbara Dare has HIV. [A recent post from Jimmy Carter: “If the FSC tells you otherwise ask them about Joey Stefano, Mark Anthony, Brooke Ashley, Casey Donovan, Karen Dior, Barbara Dare just a few of the people in porn who got HIV and were quicky swept under the rug and ignored.” Barbara Dare?

Today on Mayberry RFD, there’s a whole scenario about James Lee being the reputed bagman for Fabian. The Republican’s Republican is alleged to have offered $10K to Derrick Burts to sellout AHF. Burts being the model citizen that he is, refused and is supposed to have said there is “no price on the health and welfare of people.”

When confronted, Fabian’s supposed to have said it was all the doing of FSC and James Lee.

Believe this and you’ll believe that Barbara Dare has HIV.

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