Java Divas: Sex Appeal Sells Coffee In Pasadena, Maryland

Sorry…I like my coffee served full nude, thank ya.

from Java Divas is not your typical drive-through coffee shop. Instead, this Maryland coffee shop comes with a twist. Every day, hot baristas called “divas” are serving coffee in scanty clothes and revealing costumes to customers, many of whom are quite surprised to see scantily clad young baristas in the middle of a busy route. The Java Divas coffee shop that prides itself on “gourmet beverages and gourmet baristas” is based in a little shed along Ritchie Highway in Maryland. This female-owned business opened just a few months ago, but the sex appeal of its personnel is already attracting increasing numbers of customers.

The Java Divas baristas are wearing nothing much but lingerie on any given day, which is appealing to many male customers. The coffee shop is now considering expanding to allure female customers with an addition of Java Males.

The baristas do not seem to mind walking around in revealing clothes at all. In fact, they are enjoying tips of up to $100 a day.

But, Java Divas is not the first business to use sex appeal to sell coffee drinks. The Grandview topless coffee shop was opened in February in Maine, but was set on fire and burnt down in June. Arson was suspected. Let’s hope Java Divas does not face the same fate.

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