Jayden James Speaks Out Against Mandatory Condoms In Adult Video

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from www.laweekly.com – One of the strongest arguments to come out of porn’s fight against measure B, the initiative that would mandate condom use at most adult video productions in L.A. county, is reproductive choice.

One of the stars to step forward against the measure is Jayden James. In an interview with the Weekly, she didn’t pull any punches.

She gave us No on Measure B’s money quote (so far):

It’s my vagina and I’m going to do with it what I wish to do.


The folks behind the measure, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, frame the issue much differently, of course.

The AHF says that porn producers are already skirting federal workplace safety law by not protecting adult performers from exposure to blood-borne pathogens.

The group says that it’s simply asking you to vote on a measure that would make the county enforce the rule and protect porn employees as if they were workers in an any office (workers who don’t want to get sperm on them — or in them).

The industry, which has mounted a campaign against the measure, argues that consumers won’t buy condom porn, enforcement of condom use will send the multi-billion-dollar industry out-of-town, and that the biz’s STD testing program works.

James says she’s tested frequently:

I get tested before each scene and I require my partner to be tested the day before so I know we’re both clean and ready to go.

The November ballot measure goes too far, right into the bedrooms of people who might want to procreate while they work, James tells us:

If I’m having sex with by boyfriend or husband in my home, who are you to tell me how to do that? You’re taking away my rights as an American.

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