Jessica Drake, Boko Haram and The College Rape Tour

Jessica Drake and Nate Glass have been on what I like to call The College Rape Tour.

Let me explain what I mean by that.

In Nigeria, there is a extremist Muslim terror group called Boko Haram, led by this fanatical nut job Abubakar Shekau. They’ve done a lot of fucked up shit, indiscriminate killings, blowing up schools and churches and kidnapping over 200 schoolgirls. Shekau said he’s going to sell them into slavery. All in the name of Islam. That’s fucked up. The Nigerian government, led by President Goodluck Jonathan, isn’t really doing anything to stop them. And we do business with Nigeria. If they wanted to, Nigeria could go and take care of these savages and get those girls back. But Goodluck Jonathan is getting paid off by these thugs. Goodluck Jonathan. Sounds like a professional poker player.

Boko Haram kidnapped over 200 girls. That is no small feat. That’s not like just going into a church with a bomb and blowing up up. Kidnapping over 200 girls is a huge undertaking. The Nigerian government has to be pretty complacent to let that happen. It’s incredibly disturbing for this to happen and for the US to associate and do business with them.

The video of this guy Shekau is pretty chilling. He talks about selling the girls on the market and killing Christians and just railing on like a lunatic. He sounds like the guy from the old 7-up commercials. Very disturbing.

You’re saying, “Rob, what does this have to do with Jessica Drake and Nate Glass?”

I’ll tell you.

Jessca Drake and Nate Glass are on a tour doing speaking engagements at various colleges. They just did one last week at USC. The discussion is called “The Piracy of Sex.” They talk about tube sites and piracy of adult content. They talk about RedTube, YouPorn, basically these Manwin owned entities. They say downloading Jessica’s movies and uploading them to tube sites is a “violation of her consent.” Saying that jerking off to her movies without paying for them is like raping her. This was the topic of their University of Chicago appearance and we talked about it

Now did they say the word rape? No, but Nate used the buzzword “consent” which was something the college kids could relate to and was making the point that downloading porn of Jessica that they didn’t pay for was doing so without her consent and that was a violation. Consent. Violation. I’m thinking rape.

You can look on XBIZ and see an article where Nate Glass goes into this speech about consent. I read these articles with them throwing around this word consent and then I read articles about Boko Haram kidnapping and selling young girls to be raped without their consent. What’s more, these pirates that they claim are violating Jessica without her consent are the exact same pirates that everybody does business with.

It amazes me that Jessica Drake would talk about Manwin and would talk about RedTube. You see people like Catalina Cruz talk about tube sites, Tanya Tate also. When you talk about tube sites, you’re talking about Manwin. I’ll bet you Catalina works or has worked for Brazzers/Manwin and I’ll bet Tanya Tate has as well. Everybody works for Manwin. Jessica Drake’s company is owned by Manwin.

And the biggest big mouth hypocrite is Mike South. HE makes money from Manwin. He wants to tell everybody he doesn’t. But in his warped mind if you don’t take 100 dollars for a banner ad, that’s not doing business with them. On the top of South’s blog, it says, “Visit Mike’s Friends Sites.” If you click on the tab that says 0Day Porno, it takes you to a portal of all of these membership sites. When you click on these membership sites, you will find Manwin/Brazzers sites. You will find Twistys, Playboy. All of these Manwin entities, but he will talk shit on Manwin, Digital Playground and the hierarchy of those companies. He will also talk shit on people who do business with them and that he’s righteous and takes no money from them. When you click on Twistys and join the site, he makes money from it. How can he say he makes no money from Manwin? How?

How does anybody in this business bitch about Manwin and then take their money? If I were one of the higher ups at Manwin, everybody who opened their mouth and talked shit would be blacklisted. That’s what I would do.

And the fact that Jessica Drake and Nate Glass run around and equate people watching her movies for free on tube sites to rape is pretty amazing when you consider Wicked Pictures is owned by Manwin. Wicked is owned by Manwin. People wanna dispute it and say they only own the internet division. So Manwin owns the part of the business with the most profitability, not the DVD business that’s almost dead. OK. Which one is more valuable? DVD or internet? I would say that if Manwin owns the internet division instead of the dying DVD format, that yeah, Manwin owns Wicked.

For Jessica Drake and Nate Glass to say RedTube and YouPorn are horrible people and they’re pirates is pretty silly, considering they’re run by Manwin. It’s also pretty silly when Tasha Reign goes on TV and talks badly about Manwin and tube sites, yet she accepts work from Brazzers and other Manwin companies.

Every one of these girls, including Mike South, take money from Manwin. I’m not sure of all the companies that people work for that have an affiliation with Manwin, I’m not obsessed with them like Mike South is. But I do know that they have their fingers in a lot of pies and generate a lot of money. There are what they are. They have millions into this business. Whether we like them or not, until everyone decides they’re not gonna support them, what’s the point of talking shit and saying that they’re evil people and taking their money? You just sound stupid.

So either take their money and shut your fucking mouth or talk shit and don’t take their money. Can’t have it both ways.

Mike South makes money from Manwin, Jessica Drake makes money from Manwin, Tasha Reign makes money from Manwin, so do Catalina Cruz and Tanya Tate. Everybody makes money from Manwin. Everybody needs to stop the hypocrisy and talking shit about the company that’s paying your fucking bills.

And Jessica Drake, you wanna see non-consensual activity? Go on down to Nigeria. Bring one of the pretty little outfits that Brad Armstrong makes for you and introduce yourself to the leader of Boko Haram. He’ll show you what non-consent means. Because there are over 200 Nigerian schoolgirls who are going through real rape right now. They are having their lives taken from them, not a Brad Armstrong directed Wicked porno movie.

Stop with the non-consent talk and stop with the hypocrisy along with everybody else. See what’s going on in the world before you talk about non-consent.

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