Jimmy Flynt Open Flynt’s Sexy Gifts

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COLLIER COUNTY, Fla.- from www.winknews.com – A new store called “Flynt’s Sexy Gifts” has just opened its doors, and tonight, we’re showing you why this store is one of a kind in Collier County.

“Why not Collier County? It’s a mixture of Beverly Hills and Hawaii,” the owner said.

It’s a new business and one with a unique vision. The hope is to heat things up and make the county a bit sexier!

“It’s where technology comes together, where glamour comes together, and where sexual health and wellness comes together,” said President Jimmy Flynt.

According to Flynt, his modern boutique, Flynt’s Sexy Gifts, is a place where Victoria’s Secret meets Apple.

“The average citizen is about 60 years old, and 60 is the new 40, and people are really sexually active, and we give them a product that will help them maintain their martial happiness,” Flynt told WINK.

However, the brakes were pressed before this store was given the green light. The county had concerns about how much spice this store would actually be bringing.

“The county delayed me about a month ’cause they couldn’t figure out what we were doing, but I think we are in compliance, and my lawyers think we are in compliance with the way the zoning is written and the product I carry,” Flynt explained.

Neighboring businesses say they are going to give this a chance.

“What does it matter? I mean everybody has got to make a living, I don’t want my grand kids going there, but other than that everybody has got to make a living,” said Deana Lainhart.

“I had a few misgivings because I didn’t understand what it was going to be, but it is what it is and we already welcome them to the plaza,” said Vesa Alijahn.

Initially, there were some permitting concerns, but the county agreed that Flynts’ business complied with all requirements, and signed off on the permit allowing him to open.

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