Judge: Stacie Halas Unfit to Teach

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from www.vcstar.com – A middle school science teacher who acted in pornographic films will not be able to return to her position following an administrative law decision that sided with the Oxnard School District.

Stacie Halas, 32, who had a nine-month porn career before she started teaching at Haydock Intermediate School, was deemed unfit to teach in a unanimous decision by a three-person Commission on Professional Competence.

In a 46-page document released last Friday, Judge Julie Cabos-Owen continuously pointed to Halas’ dishonesty when Halas was first confronted about the X-rated films by school officials and during a six-day administrative hearing.

“While (Halas) failed to establish that she can be trusted as a role model for children or an example of redemption, the circumstances of this case most certainly demonstrate that one’s decisions and conduct, particularly continual deceit, must bring with them certain consequences,” Cabos-Owen wrote.

Last April the school board voted unanimously to fire Halas, stating that the classroom environment would be disrupted if Halas were to continue teaching. Halas appealed the decision to the Commission on Professional Competence.

Halas now has the option to appeal the commission decision to Ventura County Superior Court. Halas’ lawyer, Richard Schwab, said it’s an option he is considering, but has not discussed it with Halas.

“We are very disappointed obviously,” said Schwab. “With all due respect to the commission’s decision, we do believe Ms. Halas was being honest and forthright but was extremely embarrassed and humiliated by her previous experience in the adult industry.”

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