Jules Jordan Apparently Isn’t Happy with Mike South Comments

After Mike South posted this article www.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=39627, the following exchange took place:

Jordan sends this email to South:

”Hey Mike, why dont you make your story about tube sites and show facts?, try being informative. I have nothing to do with tube sites, nice try to sensationalize. I should have known, you are a true douchebag! I spend alot of time sending DMCA’s to all tube sites, I do not support them.


South replies: “look dude I told you this was coming…you are putting money into the pockets of tube sites, if yer ok with that own it. Everyone already knows the threat they present, thats why what you are doing sucks

Either decide yer in bed with em or decide you arent but dont try to say Im a great guy who fights this shit while writing checks to the companies that own the biggest ones.”
Jules responds:

Jordan writes back: “You didnt tell me I was the subject of your article, thats bullshit…make the article about tubesites not me….why dont you show your facts that show who owns the tubesites? I have nothing to do with putting money into pockets of tube sites.”

South responds: I suggest you do some research on who you do business with I already did. I told you Brazzers owns many of these sites (try dns lookups)

If you write checks to brazzers you are writing checks to the owners of the largest tube sites. If you don’t like that idea then maybe you should reconsider your business relationship, if yer OK with that then at least have the balls to say so.

I don’t need to rehash why tube sites are bad everyone already has heard that, ad nauseam. They get it believe me.

You don’t want fleas I suggest you not lie down with dogs bro.

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