Just a Thought: If The Condom Doesn’t Fit You Got to Acquit

While porn frets about packing suitcases and updating passports, it forgets one, albeit, minor point. California is a right to work state. Michael Weinstein and the AHF can’t take that right away from you, but porn’s leadership doesn’t seem to comprehend that.

Take the issue of condoms. The largest condom side is a “Magnum” and though I’m no John Holmes, magnums don’t even go one-third up my shaft. Can you imagine a Lexington Steele trying to put one on? If the thought of that ain’t so serious it would be uproariously comical.

Maybe just maybe this industry is mistaken in believing it’s a First Amendment issue when in fact it’s simply a matter of a right to work, and there’s a lot of full shafted guys in the business who would be out of a job. Maybe size in this case does matter.

If it don’t fit, you gotta acquit.

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