Kandace Kayne caught in yet another lie

Kandace Kayne

Kandace Kayne was briefly listed on the luxury companion escort website.  After denying she was an escort, it later came out she in fact did ask them to list her. She filled out their application on their website and them emailed them some pics.


Now she claims those pics were posted without her consent. Dumb lying bitch.





In case you wonder what FOH means, “fuck outta here”. Basically she’s saying “bitch get the fuck outta here” to the check who runs TLC.






  1. Hi am stupid ass Kandace Kayne Please please may I have a Wiki Page since I cant keep my mouth shut and cant stop my fingers from typing all kinds of bullshit and stupid shit about people and I am a compulsive spontaneous compulsive pathological Liar. Please dont forget my parents and neighbors too. I’m sure they will want to know what a dumb little whore I am.

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