Karen Stagliano: There’s a Problem with the Math

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Now that I’m cutting through the John Stagliano bushwah by constructing my own time line, I have one question.

Sharon Mitchell reported on January 7, 1998 that Stagliano’s wife, then performer Tricia Devereaux, was HIV positive. Marc Wallice tested positive for HIV April 30th, 1998. My simple question is this- who gave it to whom?

Let’s argue that Wallice gave it to Devereaux, and that’s her contention as well, but the very latest he could have given it to her makes it sometime in December, 1997. If AIM protocols were so locked in place, wouldn’t have Wallice been detected a lot sooner than almost four months later?

But you will argue that Wallice faked his tests. Okay, so in four months, minimum, how many scenes do you think Wallice shot which means you’re telling me he fooled the system THAT long?

This industry is safe? Really? Does Karen Stagliano still want to hold to the story that Wallice infected her?

Now let’s add this little food for thought. Although Toby Dammit doesn’t give me an exact date of the Wallice-Mitchell scene let’s just argue that it was before December, 1997 which means that Wallice, if he was faking his test results, was doing it for month and monthss. Still want to argue how safe the business protocols are?

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