Kathy Griffin F-Bombs on CNN’s New Years; See the Clip

Between Griffin and Sarah Jessica Parker, what’s scarier waking up to in the morning?

from www.examiner.com – With the world hanging on every word to see if she would slip, Kathy Griffin didn’t disappoint.

During the CNN New Years Eve telecast with Anderson Cooper, Kathy Griffin let the f-bomb slip live on air. Edited in the other time zones, Griffin was talking about the “Balloon Boy” Falcon Heene and let the word slip.

Griffin had some dirty remarks at last year’s CNN New Years Eve, as she told a bystander after the ball drop, “Screw you. Why don’t you get a job, buddy?” she told the heckler. “You know what, I don’t go to your job and knock the d—- out of your mouth.” The FCC didn’t fine her because there are no FCC rules regarding cable obscenity.

Griffin’s contract with CNN this time around said that she has to repay back her salary from the show if she cussed on air. So, it looks like Griffin will be writing a big check back to CNN. Griffin’s outrageous antics drove some good ratings last year, and possibly this year. It also gave here more publicity as well. The FCC is unlikely again to intervene, but her days at CNN looks like they are over.

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