“Kayden kross Cares So Much About The Women She Didn’t Speak for Them When She Was At Digital Playground”

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What’s particularly amusing is that Slim Pickens now has Kayden Kross preaching to the porn masses about fiscal responsibility.

You probably forget that Kross was under investigation for improprieties in a Sacramento mortgage scam a couple of years ago. Kross got off with a slap on the wrist, but I did have a lengthy conversation with a Vietnam vet who claimed that, because of Kross, he was tossed out on the street and lost a house.

I guess it depends whose word you’re willing to accept. Like when Kross offers advice that Rob Black’s been giving for months except Kross gets credit for it.

“Kayden Kross now wants to be the new Lisa Ann,” Black noted on his Friday afternoon show, www.therobblackshow.com

“Digital got rid of her because it’s a shell game; she’s now out in the world and informing everybody about what I said.

“Kayden, a few weeks ago your stable mate Stoya talked about workers’ rights. This is why you can’t trust any of these women- they don’t even have any humble pie to call me or text me. I’ve talked nice about Kayden Kross who’s been in hiding.

“I give everybody a platform and the issues to speak on and what happens? Nobody calls me and for some reason my name is poison. Kayden Kross now runs around with her boyfriend Mike South and now they’re giving ‘excellent’ advice to performers, but I’ve talked like this for four months.

“Now that Kayden Kross is not making money from ‘the man,’ she’s now going to speak out. Stoya, Kayden Kross now sound like Rob Black and you can’t give me one ounce of credit.

“Bill Margold tweets cryptic proverbs, but there’s not one thing that any rational person would say I’m saying is wrong. I think after listening to me for three days, I think any member of the gay community would liken me no different that a Louis CK or a Ricky Gervais with no intention to hurt minorities, but to bring social commentary and levity to a situation.

“Kayden Kross’ name is on a lawsuit fighting a condom mandate. She’s going to fight so we all can have sex with Alex Gonz and Mr. Marcus. In turn, she’s supposed to be giving you all this great advice – she’s now speaking out. She says you have no excuse not to have health insurance. Why? Everyone’s an employee. She used to pay $116 a month- oh, then Digital Playground gave her health insurance?

“When she went to Digital Playground they paid that to her. Kayden Kross is telling you hey, get responsible, get your shit together but Kayden Kross is also telling you don’t worry about the business, safety doesn’t matter, we can all protect ourselves. But in the same breath she’s telling to you to get health insurance because the business isn’t going to protect you.

“Kayden Kross cares so much about the women that she hasn’t spoken out for the women when she was getting paid by Manwin,” Black noted.

“Now that she’s free, she’s telling you to be responsible; but she’s fighting against condoms. But I guess no one will see this because all the talent will ignore what I say and go, Kayden, you speak so true.

“Kayden Kross does not give two shits about you,” Black continued.

“If she did, she would withdraw her name from the Vivid lawsuit. But she doesn’t because she’s getting paid by Vivid money. She’s on a lawsuit that was filed by Free Speech, Steve Hirsch and the powers that be. Basically she’s gone from one corruption of Manwin to the industry corruption which is Mike South, Diane Duke, Free Speech and Vivid.

“Kayden Kross is a hired gun, an assassin. She’ll go wherever the money is and she doesn’t have to fuck the dirty people in the porn pool.

“Kayden Kross is a hired gun, baby. She’s left the terrorists, packed the bag and joined Mike South where she’s going to tell all your girls, you dumb bitches, protect yourselves.

“But she’s going to make sure you don’t use a condom so when Alex Gonz infects you and you have no job, you can thank Kayden Kross for looking out for the girls of the adult business.

“You’re a real gem, Kayden. You girls can be sure that Kayden Kross is going to work with Free Speech and Vivid to make sure the condom bill gets voted down so Alex Gonz, Mr. Marcus and Clover can do a booty bandit, give you a disease, then she’ll send you down to her husband’s company where John Stagliano who pays him is going to probe your ass with his bare fingers.

“If you’re listening, Kayden Kross, withdraw your name from the lawsuit. If you give a shit about the porn performers, withdraw your name from that lawsuit. This industry’s testing system is broken. Tell us that in good conscience you feel good about that lawsuit. You want that on your head?

“Diane Duke told us a year ago we had the most sophisticated syphilis test. During that testing, you never heard of a performer testing inconclusive going on for a week. If it got out, we would have known.

“You’re going to tell me this testing system that Diane Duke brought in saying this test was the best, we are going to test everybody- we are going to do everything. They gave everybody syphilis shots even if you didn’t need them. Never once did hundreds of performers get tested that we heard of a performer testing positive then inconclusive then a negative and had to wait for seven days. There were studios that would not let you work unless you got a shot.

“A year later we have another syphilis outbreak with Clover a guy who hangs out with Mr. Marcus. He tests positive for syphilis and the process starts. Kayden Kross, the system we have now is run by your boyfriend Mike South who is completely and utterly putting Derek Hay and LATATA in the straw man position to run the testing. But you’re going to sit there on a lawsuit about condoms so the same talent you’re preaching to about shoes and $2,000 dogs, you want them to go to that testing facility?

“You want to throw all these girls back into Derek Hay’s and Mike South’s arms? Kayden Kross, because of you, girls will live with a life threatening disease and will eventually die from it.

“If you give a shit and these are not just words, then you’re following in Rob Black’s footsteps. You can do it because you’re off the Manwin payroll.

But you’re not off the payroll of Mike South, Vivid, APHSS. As long as you stay affiliated with the Vivid lawsuit and Mike South and APHSS and stay affiliated with anybody associated with LATATA, you can shove your Gucci bag up your ass.

“You can take your name off that Vivid lawsuit. If you give a shit about the performers you will take your name off the lawsuit and help me create the UAWA. After Labor Day, the power lies with Rob Black. We need a testing facility from an outside organization with somebody who’s trained doctors and professionals.

“Kayden Kross, do the right thing. The real issue is APHSS, LATATA, Steve Hirsch, Mike South and John Stagliano. Today is the day where you become something bigger than an adult film star. You become known as a community organizer.

“You paraded around with Manwin’s Fabian Theismann. Manwin’s power is eroding and this industry has a chance to rebuild itself. You have things going on where you can be something that is unlike this business has ever seen. Don’t let being Fabian Theismann’s eye candy at the AVN convention, don’t let that be your legacy.

“Let’s get out there and change the system. You’re being used as a pawn in a lawsuit and throwing the talent to the wolves- that crew has let two people work with syphilis and tried to cover it up. A third is on the loose with HEP.

“You’ve been around a foreign piece of shit too much. I need to re-indoctrinate you to think like an American.”

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