Kris & Berman Welcome Superstarlet Teal Conrad to Wednesday’s Show

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VENICE, CA – it’s been all about the antics of Kris Hasbun and Alan Berman on the Kris & Berman Show, which makes sense—the show is named for them—but this week they’re going to mix things up by bringing in a comic and a porn star.

Akash Bhasin is joining in to funny things up, while the lovely Teal Conrad is going to pretty up the place.

“We’ll be talking stand-up with Akash, as well as whatever else is going on in the news and our weekends,” Alan said. “I know mine personally was a trip (literally) so it should be interesting. I didn’t punch anyone this weekend, but I can’t speak for Kris, but at least we’re halfway there.”

Hopefully they’ll save their blows for another time, at least when Teal is on the show. Just out of her contract with, she is brand new to hardcore scenes and she doesn’t need to get roughed up on a radio show. Besides, she’s so sweet.

The show is Wednesday night 6-8 pm ET/3-5 PST.

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Check out Teal on Twitter @TConradx.

If you think you need to see her in action, it’s okay, just go to,0,0,0,0&action=scene&tab=trailer&id=6748&. You can also see Akash doing some standup at

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