LA Daily News Offers Opinion on Lawsuit Against Measure B

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from – The other shoe has dropped — and other clothing items too? — in the porn industry’s fight against the Los Angeles county law requiring condoms in adult-film shoots.

Lawyers for porn producers announced they filed suit today in U.S. District Court, claiming that the law imposed by Measure B voters in November violates the First Amendment by imposing a system of prior restraint.

The suit challenges the county’s jurisdiction to regulate adult-film production, says Measure B’s provisions are “vague and burdensome,” and asserts that the regulations meant to stem the spread of sexually transmitted disease are unnecessary because the industry tests performers for STDs.

Porn producers have threatened to leave L.A. county if they can’t overturn Measure B, saying their consumers don’t like watching protected sex.

This editorial board has said that as distasteful as porn might be to many people, L.A. public officials should do what they can to limit the potential economic impact on areas, such as the San Fernando Valley, where the industry thrives. We wrote in November: “As Los Angeles and other Southern California cities try to create more business-friendly conditions, their leaders should treat legal porn producers as they would any other industry that brings $1 billion and 10,000 jobs to the local economy.”

First, officials may have to see if the industry gets anywhere with their legal efforts. We’d say they’ll be watching, but people might get the wrong idea.

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