LA Talk Radio: Evan Seinfeld and Lupe Fuentes on Unvanilla

”UNVANILLA with Harley and Baadmaster,” LA Talk Radio’s newest hit show, continues to live up to its title with a special appearance by porn super star and lead singer for the heavy metal band Biohazrd, Evan Seinfeld. Joining Evan is his new girlfriend, the ultra hot porn actress, Lupe Fuentes.

Evan Seinfeld has been in the news a lot lately, due to his high profile breakup with his now ex-wife, adult megastar Tera Patrick. Seinfeld has been very vocal about the split; expect his appearance on UNVANILLA to be even more explosive!

“I’ve been with Tera when she was having sex with other guys, which brings up very powerful feelings,” Seinfeld said. “If you had asked me before I ever agreed to be with her while she was having sex with other guys, I would have told you I never would have been able to handle it or tolerate it.”

Now that he’s split from Tera, Seinfeld has found love with another porn actress, Teravision’s newest superstar, Lupe Fuentes. The Colombian bombshell has already created a huge buzz. Her exotic beauty, perfect body and alluring sexuality make her the perfect fantasy girl.

“I knew when I signed with Teravision that the bar would be set quite high,” says Lupe. “Tera is the top adult star in the world and being a Teravision contract star means that I have to be the very best as well. The fans expect nothing less than the very best and I intend to give it to them every time.”

In this no-holds-barred hour on, Evan And Lupe will be taking calls. No questions are off limits, so this should be one incredible hour of talk radio.

The “UNVANILLA” show covers all aspects of “wine, women and song,” and a lot more — basically anything that is “not vanilla.” Porn stars, inked celebrities, alternative film makers, cheating athletes, sword swallowers, bisexual circus clowns, dominatrixes, nymphomaniac contortionists, madams, pimps and hos will all be guests on this uncensored, edgy, envelope-pushing show hosted by Harley Fire and Baadmaster.

Harley and Baadmaster will also be giving away a free Unvanilla T-Shirt to a lucky caller, courtesy of

Fans can call 818 602.4929 7 PM PST to talk to Evan and Lupe.

So join the action this Tuesday, 7-8 PST, on LATALKRADIO.COM

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