LA Weekly Gets Complaints About The Jessie Andrews Piece; But It Doesn’t Address the Issue That the Article Is Riddled with Errors

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from – Our most controversial issue, it isn’t. But our annual People issue, published May 17, is a good way to honor the Angelenos we love — and this year, George Takei was one (“He Boldly Goes,” by Lina Lecaro). Writes dispatchngal45, “I love George Takei. We need to hear more about those who overcome adversity and become better, not bitter.” Adds digitalmeerkat, “George Takei is the reason the World Wide Web was invented. Well, George Takei and kittens, obviously.”

But some readers didn’t approve of our cover girl Jessie Andrews, who became a porn star at 18 and, three years later, is launching businesses and working as a DJ (“Brand XXX,” by Jennifer Swann). “You know the economy is in the toilet when sex work becomes a modern success story and something to strive for,” Joel sniffs.

Lukedjlaw agrees. “There is nothing less interesting than a young porn star who has run the gonzo gamut, then semi-retired into lesbianism.”

Here’s the piece LA Weekly Ran on Andrews:

Here’s what Rob Black, had to say about it:


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