Larry Flynt Productions Was Fined for Failing to Use Condoms But Does Hustler Use Them?

Brian Chase, the former in-house legal counsel for the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, wrote a paper for The Stanford Law and Policy review. It’s titled “An Analysis Of Potential Liability Within The Adult Film Industry Stemming from Industry Practices Related to Sexually Transmitted Infections” I will be quoting from this paper chapter and verse in the days ahead.

There are mandates from the state, and the adult industry is in violation of all of them. How the industry continually operates without government intervention remains a mystery to me.

For openers, Chases states: “Current regulations, at both the state and federal level, require condom use and employer-funded medical care for workers expected to engage in sexual intercourse on the job. But these legal requirements are largely ignored by the adult film industry.

“Cal/OSHA has fined multiple adult film production companies, including Larry Flynt Productions (which owns Hustler) for failing to enact exposure control plans requiring, among other things, condom use.

“The vast majority of producers within the adult film industry, however, continue to operate in direct violation of these workplace safety regulations.”



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