Last Tour of Duty, She Says: Belladonna Appearing at Australia’s Sexpo

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from – SHE can walk down the streets of Los Angeles without being recognised by a single person but when one of the most famous porn stars in the world arrived in Australia this week, thousands of adoring fans were waiting.

America’s “Belladonna” was given a rock star’s welcome as she settled into her role as celebrity guest at adult entertainment festival Sexpo on Thursday.

Taking some time out between appearances to speak frankly about life as a porn star, the brunette (who currently sports a shaven head), said it was her love for Australia and its fans that had inspired her to chose Sexpo as her last official tour of duty.

Thirteen years after she first discovered their was big money in sex, the tattooed temptress who has worked her way into millions of bedrooms around the world, will be kicking the cameras out of hers.

Instead, she intends on finishing her high school diploma and using the “acrobatic” skills she developed through her line of work in her new role as an aerial silks performer.

But perhaps even more surprising than her plans to quite literally join the circus, is her newfound attitude towards sex.

From this point on, the 31-year-old intends on having sex with only one person – her husband.

The revelation that the star is married – and has been for the past eight years – could come as a shock to some, particularly those who are familiar with her work.

Her popularity in the adult entertainment industry evolved from her hard core porn franchise which she has made unique through her style of running commentary and self scripted scenes.

Fans of her films would also find it hard to believe it was not so long ago Belladonna thought of herself as “innocent, naive and uneducated in sex”.

At 18, Belladonna was attracted to the industry because of the “fame, attention and money” but she swears at that point she didn’t have a clue what she was doing.

“I just did it for the first time and thought ‘Wow people think I am sexy and I can make a lot of money’,” she said

“But as time has gone on it has become more about an education.

“I have learned a lot about the world and I have explored myself in every way possible.

“I am so much more confident, I know my body so well and I have learned so much about protecting myself from STDs and just life in general – in essence I grew up on camera sexually.”

Since becoming her own producer and director Belladonna has enjoyed her job but she admits it wasn’t always pretty.

She started out thinking “people who want to have sex with you, care about you” but quickly learned that was not the case.

“The reality was tough – finding out what some people wanted was tough.”

Dating in the earlier years was also tough.

Belladonna’s first real life boyfriend was also in the industry which she said made it near impossible to enjoy sex in private because “he was always saving it for work”.

In the years that followed she struggled to separate her on and off camera sex lives but, ironically, “marriage changed everything”.

While her husband was also was in the industry he worked behind the camera.

Since their wedding, every one of Belladonna’s scenes have been filmed by her husband.

“I feel like we got the right balance,” she said

“He enjoyed watching and everything I was doing was written by us – we were in control.

“That’s the best thing about producing your own work. You can decide when you want to work and when you don’t.

“For example I can wake up and be like ‘I don’t want to have sex with 10 different people today. I just want to spend some quality time with my husband”.

In the coming years Belladonna hopes to enjoy a lot more of that quality time.

She said she is “very grateful for the years she was able to explore her sexuality but feels it is time to do the exploring “with a lot less people”.

“I have had the most amazing chances to travel the world and experience some really, really great sex,” she said

“While I do look back at some of things and feel disappointed in myself for not feeling confident about who I was and putting myself in certain positions but I do not regret anything.”

Returning to “normality” isn’t a prosect that frightens Belladonna because she believes she “could not be more ready”.

She’s not concerned about being recognised and believes because of the way she carries herself in public, most people passing her on the street would have no idea about her background.

She’s also positive she can enjoy sex in a monogamous relationship for the rest of her life.

“I have been that wild sexual crazy girl and I have literally done everything…everything,” she said

“But I honestly think just having it with that one special person now is something I am well and truly ready for.”

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