Looking at Stretch Class Outside the Box

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Back in May James Bartholet hosted a Liberace dinner party, and Rob Black won’t let him forget it.

I don’t know if you heard the first segment of Black’s show Friday but it goes into a whole imaginary Bartholet party www.blogtalkradio.com/robblackshow/2013/07/05/the-rob-black-show including the description of some mind blowing homoerotic acts.

I couldn’t tell you if Bartholet takes occasional walks on the wild side, though John Stagliano does. He tells us as much in the book The Other Side of Hollywood. Stagliano calls it “experimenting.”

When you put your lips to a man’s dick, call it what you want, you’re playing a Tchaikovsky concerto, and I say that because Tchaikovsky was the Liberace of his day.

I can’t explain what switches bisexual males flick on to find man ass so appealing. But for Stagliano to tell us that he was so bummed out by the accidental death of his then girlfriend Kristi Lynn that he took it in the keister from a tranny hooker in Brazil doesn’t wash. If I did that every time I lost a girlfriend my name would be Chi Chi LaRue.

What I’m trying to do is understand the hetero side of Stagliano. He’s a handsome guy, smart, has money and the wherewithal to court any dame he so chooses. I’ll never forget the conversations I had with Skeeter Kerkove with Skeeter telling me how the Staglianos hated one another and lived in separate residences.

I suspect a lot of that is true, and it’s a well known fact in the industry that Stagliano has a bachelor pad he invites strippers to. While I’m not buying the fact that it’s just for lap dances, let’s say that Stagliano was abiding by the HIV rules and refraining from overt sexual contact. How long, though, do you think that could last with temptation continually at your finger tips?

That being the case, I see the Stretch Class series as a respite from the tedium of being married to a nagging woman who once fancied herself a Vivid contract girl. Honestly, I don’t know what mirror Tricia Devereaux was looking in, but it must have been a magic one.

Stagliano is probably a sexually bored man, and if you ever saw the movie The Seven Year Itch with Marilyn Monroe you’d know what that was all about.

Of course, Stagliano saw this series as his opportunity to be a scamp, take chances and sneak in his jollies. And he did so right out of the gate by planting one in the formidable ass of Brazlian performer Monica Santhiago. The fact that AVN in its review of the movie never caught it or maybe refused to acknowledge it because of the advertising implications, brings us to where we are today.

Maybe I would have done what Staglino did under the circumstances. I don’t know.

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