Looking at the Week of 7/22/2012: Octomom Gets the This is Phil Rizzuto for The Money Store Award

Gene writes – We don’t make the news, we just exploit it.

The Stacie Halas Has a Better Ass Than Me Award goes to English teacher Kevin Hogan. Hogan who apparently used the name “Hytch Cawke” while performing in gay and fetish porn is the latest in the line of school teachers who’ve been humiliated thanks to the Internet.

What makes this worse is that Hogan was the head of the English Dept. at Mystic Valley Regional Charter in Massachusetts and was considered a top notch teacher besides serving as the school’s crew coach. Hogan was outted by Fox Undercover reporter Mike Beaudet who gets the honorary Mind Your Own Damn Business Award.


This is Phil Rizzuto for The Money Store Award goes to Octomom. Not satisfied with just being a stripper and an inspirational role model for in vitro patients every where, the mother-of-14 has appeared in a commercial promoting a cash-lending site that connects users to cash lenders with the idea of getting up to $1,000 instantly.

As the ad tells viewers: ‘OctoLoan is a trusted source that connects you to cash lenders nationwide when you need a short term loan fast.’

Suleman is said to have signed a five-figure endorsement deal with the ‘Octoloan’ site. According to the story, said OctoLoan comes with a 650 per cent interest rate. Our question is what happens if you don’t pay up? Octo-Samoans wielding Octo-baseball bats show up at your door?


The Home Depot Award goes to the sexually suspect Oneal Ron Morris who injected the buttocks of Broward County women with bathroom caulk, cement, Super Glue, the tire product Fix-A-Flat, and other items you’d find in your neighborhood do-it-yourself store. Unfortunately one of those victims died, and Harris, who has served time in the clink for identity theft, will get an extended stay at Motel Sing-Sing.


The Peter Jackson I Have Yet to Make a Movie About a Troll Award goes to attorney Marc “Randazzle” Randazza. In a news report about Internet users who have had to legally defend themselves against porn piracy accusations, Las Vegas copyright attorney Randazza said the following: “When a cop arrests someone they call them a ‘pig.’ [People] want to call me a “troll” because I’m going after them for stealing? I’ll gladly take the title,” says Randazza.


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