Louisiana Prosties Who Gave Oral Sex Sue to be Removed from Sex Offender Registry

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from www.bayoubuzz.com – Four prostitutes are suing the state of Louisiana for requiring them to register as sex offenders because they provided oral or anal sex to clients.

Under Louisiana law, prostitutes found guilty of only offering intercourse are not considered sex offenders, nor are those who sold oral or anal sex after August 14, 2011.

However, Louisiana’s Crimes Against Nature by Solicitation (CANS) law requires people convicted of performing “unnatural acts” for money before August 15, 2011, to register as sex offenders.

The state legislature twice amended the law, including doing away with the sex offender registration requirement for oral or anal sex. But lawmakers failed to apply the changes retroactively.

Because of this omission, the four plaintiffs—all convicted before August 2011—were still required to register. They want the court to expunge all records regarding the sex offender registry.

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