Mae Victoria: The Damien Michaels “Quarter” Comment Sickens Her

I have to agree with Mae Victoria and what will make things worse is that the cops will put the Damien Michaels murder investigation file at the bottom of their to-do list.

Mae Victoria writes: Yeah sure the guy was a low life but a major news cast like foxla gets to take pop shot at a dead man?

“He was a nickel and dime performer trying to be a quarter.”

Yeah, the jokes on Damien? But it’s not funny since he’s dead and was murdered. Murder is a serious issue. He was a drug addict and hurt a lot of people sure and maybe he has family that have to listen to a closing comment like wanting to be a quarter? I’m calling to tell Fox to fuck off for that one. I’m so tired of the world’s hatred. It makes me sick. Like me
with that asshole Stoney how fucks me over like he does and then I’m a fucking lunatic?

And the anger I had when I was treated so badly on the Kylie Ireland shoot. Creepy fucking people. Yeah, it’s no surprise that the adult industry is filled with the worst scum but to listen to the main stream (somewhat since it’s Fox) news and hear the quarter comment makes me sick, makes me what to call up Fox and tell them to fuck off, maybe
they’ll put my voice on youtube laugh and call me a porn whore looking for the quarter Damien couldn’t find. A real laugh.

It’s the hatred and abuse that makes me sick. And it’s one thing to post silly fuck with people news on an adult insider news like your site but to hear that comment on public mainstream news makes me want to call and
complain and say what the fuck? A man was murdered, he was a drug addict. I know I met the guy and he was a freak but no way.

That comment on Newfox is bullshit. The adult world popping jokes on our own is okay and sometimes not okay. The hatred sucks. The porn whore Mae Victoria is going to call Fox and tell them to shove it.

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