Man Suing Larry Flynt Hustler Club After 90 Minutes Cost Him $21,000

Manhattan – from – For 21 grand, the least you could hope for is an unforgettable lap dance.

A Delaware man who says he has no memory of a big night at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club is suing the West Side skin joint, saying he racked up more than $21,000 on two credit cards when all he wanted was a $300 lap dance.

Gerard Wall, 39, swears he doesn’t remember a thing after he agreed to charge his American Express card for a topless bump-and-grind in a private room.

“Plaintiff submitted his American Express card for a $300 charge,” says the suit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court. “He did not approve any other charges.”

By the time Wall left the Hustler Club at 10 p.m. on Dec. 12 – two drinks and a mere 90 minutes into his bosom bender – he was so blitzed, the lawsuit says, a club employee had to drive him home.

When he woke up the next day, the suit says, Wall discovered he was missing $80 from his wallet – and sporting $21,620.60 in fresh charges to his American Express and Discover cards.

Wall did not return calls, and his lawyer refused to comment. Calls to the club were not returned.

His suit puts him in the company of other lap dunces who ended up in court after their good times at Manhattan strip clubs. The husband of a Bangladeshi diplomat sued Scores in 2004, charging that the club smacked him with a $129,626 credit-card bill when all he shelled out was $28,000.

A Missouri CEO lost his job a year later when he put a $241,000 tab on his American Express card during a Scores outing, and was sued by the credit-card company for refusing to pay.

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