Manwin Calls The Shots At Wicked; Brad Armstrong And Jessica Drake Are Dead Weight

I wish we could have a restart in the adult business. A restart like they have in wrestling where you create new story lines and new angles and create whole new characters. Restart it from the beginning.

Manwin owns AVN. I’ve been saying it for months. Nobody wants to confirm it, but nobody’s denying it, either. You would think that with the things that have been shaking in the business, from legislation on down, that we would do a restart, a reboot. We just kind of start over and say, “This is the infrastructure of how our business operates, these are the good guys, these are the bad guys, here’s our unified policy, here’s our unified stance. These are the people who control this, these are the people who control that.” But we don’t. We play these little kid games, where you know something, but you don’t know something. It’s very bizarre how the business works, especially in 2014, where it’s been decimated by its own greed and stupidity and everything else from legislation to talent.

It’s painfully obvious that Manwin/Mindgeek own AVN and they own Wicked Pictures. Whenever The Rob Black Show and AdultFYI do a story on Brad Armstrong, Jessica Drake or anything else to do with Wicked, the spin machine at AVN/Manwin goes into overdrive.

Thursday before last we did a story on an article in Cosmopolitan about Brad Armstrong and his beginnings as a male stripper who designed not only his own costumes, but those of his fellow strippers. A couple of days earlier, we did an article about the Fanny Awards and about Axel Braun winning Director of the Year and not Brad Armstrong. And of course, the article that started the ball rolling where we discussed his latest feature Aftermath and the fact that Axel Braun was the new King of the Ring at Wicked. Our latest article confirmed every thing we said in that article and that was that Aftermath was shaping up to be a piece of shit.

This is relevant because an article popped up recently on saying how great Brad Armstrong and Jessica Drake were. I find it amusing that whenever we do these stories, AVN immediately puts up a piece to promote them. It’s not a coincidence. AVN is the promotional tool of Manwin and Wicked is owned by Manwin. People say that they don’t own it, they run their internet division. Manwin has bought up companies left and right, but they only “manage” the internet division of Wicked. Yeah, right.

Think about it. The internet is where the hardest of the hard pornography dwells. It doesn’t make any sense to believe that Manwin is the “manager” of the softest of the soft. Wicked is all condom and Manwin only “manages” their content for the internet. You’re all gonna believe that bullshit?

Manwin goes in like gangbusters and purchases AVN, Digital Playground, Twistys, etc. There are girls who won’t speak ill of Manwin because of the fear of being blacklisted because they control 90% of the shooting. But they only run Wicked’s internet. They don’t own Wicked, they only handle their condom covered content. Bull. Shit.

The purchase of Digital Playground was a botched business plan. Manwin really had no concept of how toxic they were and how much negative attention they would receive from the adult business. They assumed that everybody would welcome them in, that people would follow them like they were pied pipers and would open their hearts to Manwin. Remember, AVN has their big convention and had Fabian Thylmann as a special keynote speaker on stage proclaiming to the world that he and Manwin were the saviors of the business. They were spreading the money around. “Can you buy us? Can you buy us?” The poison hadn’t gotten into everybody’s blood yet. Everybody was cool with the Manwin machine.

As things started to go to shit with Digital Playground and Fabian got busted, that was when the poison started. It suddenly wasn’t cool to have any affiliation with Manwin. Henceforth, Manwin changed their name and became Mindgeek. They buried their past.

They’ve done a great job with the Wicked crew making sure that the word does not go out that they are owned by Manwin. The way they fend that off is to say they only run Wicked’s internet division.

But, let it be known here and now that Manwin owns Wicked. Manwin calls the shots. Manwin owns AVN. When anything negative is written about Brad Armstrong or Wicked, AVN is there to run some sort of fluff piece to back the play of Wicked.

Has anyone noticed that Vivid has no real presence in AVN anymore? The only thing AVN does is run press releases for them. Vivid and Wicked are two companies that are very similar, except one has condoms and one does not. AVN is not gonna promote a company that used to have Axel Braun and now Wicked has them. Wicked Pictures now has Axel Braun. AVN and Wicked are owned by Manwin. It’s really that simple.

Manwin learned a lesson with Digital Playground. Digital Playground is not the Digital Playground of Jesse Jane and Samantha Lewis and the big epics like Pirates and Top Guns. Manwin essentially purchased the assets. The value of what made Digital Playground what it was is gone. When’s the last time you heard of any of the girls of Digital Playground doing anything? All those girls are gone. Done. Digital Playground was a bad business move because it was mismanaged horribly and the company was decimated.

Wicked is their only surviving entity that still maintains this great facade. I’ll bet Steve Orenstein is not involved in the day to day operations of that company. Steve Orenstein does not have final say in what goes on with that company. They are run by a committee that is controlled by Manwin. Like when everybody says Theo Sapoutzis owns AVN and Raul Cristian and a whole group of shady Greek motherfuckers come out and say, “No, we do.”

That’s why this business need a reboot. We need everybody to come out and say we own this, we control that and if we all work together, everybody will make more money and the business will thrive again. Manwin is here to stay. They’re not going anywhere. They will continue to gobble things up because they’re the only ones who have any money. Whether we like the tube site model or not, it is the only thing that’s thriving and it’s the only thing that is gonna survive once the DVD is dead.

It’s already happening. People are only moving 300 pieces of a DVD. Nobody is shooting new movies. Do you think that’s gonna get any better?

But if there was a unified reboot and you got a bunch of people in a room and say who’s gonna control this, who’s gonna handle that and how do we make things happen? You would actually see things expand and we would become a profitable enterprise again.

Let me ask you this. Do you think Wicked would be able to do movies like Snow White and have Wicked Fairy Tales if Manwin/Mindgeek weren’t behind them? Do you think they would be able to survive moving 300 pieces of a DVD? No fucking way.

Elegant Angel is another Manwin purchase that has been very low key. Manwin has done it right this time. After the Digital Playground fiasco, Manwin/Mindgeek figured out it was no good telling anybody that they own these companies. That was the fault of Fabian. Fabian sold them a bill of goods that he was gonna be the pied piper of porn and everybody would follow him and he would be the most powerful person in porn and be the next Hugh Hefner. The reality was he was a chubby little dweeb who didn’t pay his taxes. Manwin saw that the porn industry was a very tight group of people who didn’t see Fabian as this great and powerful Oz character. Fabian was a no go. And they did a do over.

Patrick Collins was the heartbeat of Elegant Angel. When he decided to sell and get into the music business, he sold it to people who were associated with Lee Roy Myers. Lee Roy Myers also was associated with Manwin and did work for them. Do you think that these people who were affiliated with Lee Roy Myers had the cash to enable Patrick Collins to ride off into the sunset? Bullshit. They came in with Manwin money and they are owned and controlled by Manwin. They got rid of the crew at Elegant to keep a lid on things and retained the box artist Carlos to do movies and also brought in Asa Akira.

Didn’t anybody think it was weird that Asa Akira got a directing gig at Elegant Angel and also became a contract girl for Wicked? Didn’t anybody put two and two together? Didn’t anybody put together the association with Elegant Angel, Wicked and Manwin?

I guess until you see it written on a piece of paper in black and white written by God himself you won’t believe it. Until then, it’s just Rob Black telling lies. Like the lie he tells that AVN is owned by Manwin.

So I get it, AVN. I get it when you post all of these articles about Wicked and about Jessica Drake and Brad Armstrong when Rob Black and AdultFYI say that they are on the way out and Axel Braun is taking over. I get it.

Don’t shoot the messenger. Don’t hate the player. Hate the game. The game is porn and I play it masterfully. I just comment on what I observe, so you rush out to refute everything the evil Rob Black is saying.

Manwin, smarten the fuck up. Get rid of the dead weight. Get rid of Brad and Jessica. You’ve already got the top dog. You’ve already got the man, the myth, the legend and his name is Axel Braun.

Take Brad and Jessica out to the pasture and put them down. It’s over, Manwin. A quarter of a million dollars to these two while you’ve got the golden goose Axel Fucking Braun? The Italian Stallion Axel Fucking Braun? End of story.

Dead weight. At the end of the day, when you read articles that I’ve posted, you will see that Brad Armstrong and Jessica Drake are dead weight. They need to be put out of their misery and you need to take that extra money and give it to Axel Braun so he can make some more epic films.

Aftermath or Sleeping Beauty? Aftermath or an Axel Braun opus?

Manwin, I’m telling you, as a man who has played this game for over 20 years. Don’t hate this player.

Hate the game.

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