Marci Hirsch to Marc Wallice: Bend Over and Let Me Clean You Dry

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Nick East’s chat with Rob Black the other afternoon inspired Black to tell a Marci Hirsch story on his Monday night show,

Black used it to make a point about sexual harassment and payback in the industry.

“Marci Hirsch kept Nick East as a boy toy many years ago,” related Black.

“We’re talking about the tossed salad lady – she was like Roseanne Barr coming at you.” Black also compared Marci Hirsch of yore to a wildebeest.

“Nick East, he was pressured into having sex with Marci Hirsch, and when he refused, he was blacklisted from the entire business.”

Black suspected it was a combination of things that might have led to that. With the ghost of Jim Holliday providing some additional memory jogs [you have to see the show], Black talked about how Marc Wallice became Marci Hirsch’s love slave.

“In the early Nineties, Marc Wallice caught the eye of a young-ish woman named Marci Hirsch. At the time she was over at Vivid sitting at a desk. Her and Marc Wallice hit it off. Marc Wallice had a charismatic personality. [Black almost choked on that thought.]

“Marc Wallice lived with Tom Byron and Marc Wallice was dating her, and you would ask why would an esteemed actor like Marc Wallice get together with Marci Hirsch.

“Nick East is telling us Marci Hirsch was a predator back then. Her specialty was tossing salad. Marc Wallice said Marci Hirsch loved to eat ass. Marc said forget the jam and jelly, she worshipped the asshole. She would show up and tell him to ‘drop your pants, bend over and let me clean you dry. She was HTP [human toilet paper].

“Wallice then somehow procured a job with Vivid as an editor. He was a shitty editor for us at Extreme Associates so what kind of editor was he over at Vivid after Marci Hirsch cleaned his asshole? Marc Wallice had an awesome job. I can only imagine.

“Imagine some company owner’s sister eating your asshole and you getting a $50,000 director’s budget. I would have gone spread eagle,” said Black.

“You’re bent over like you‘re talking a poop and someone is sticking their wet tongue there. So there is Marci, and Marc Wallice’s deal was you’re going to be an editor but every time I want I call you into this office and you bend over your asshole.

“But it didn’t stop there,” continued Black.

“Wallice was the star of Vivid’s feasture films where he’d get the lead role opposite Savannah. Wallice couldn’t act his way out of a paper bag and he was the leading man for Vivid films. All for getting your asshole eaten.

“Here’s where the plot gets better. Guys are hanging out by the water cooler. Howard Levine’s there and the conversation gets to Marci Hirsch and Marc Wallice. Howard’s like what’s that like. Howard’s busting balls.

“Wallice tells him ‘I fucked her big fat ass; I get all this work and all this filming. Slam dunk, go fuck yourself.’

“Howard Levine runs to Marci Hirsch and Steve Hirsch and tells them Marc Wallice said he’s fucking Marci’s “big fat ass” to get work. Within a day he was fired. Talk about a career going to shit?

“Remember, Howard Levine the big rehab Sons of Anarchy tough guy- you Sammy Gravano motherfucker. He runs to Marci and Steve about Marc Wallice fucking her big fat ass. Nick East, I believe you brother. I could never in a million years figure that Wallice was the only guy who did sports fucking for a year and a half to keep a job.

“Now you say to yourself, Rob Black, why are you being so mean?

“You’re talking about someone over at Vivid who runs the booking,” Black explained.

“Your talking about a woman who’s a yay or nay if you want a job. Marci Hirsch is the one. We all know that. She laid that foundation back with Marc Wallice. The word around the locker room is that the tossed salad lady is coming.

“It would be like Russian roulette- if you were bad and did something wrong, or you were Chasey Lain and fucked up, if you were Jon Dough, who knows what you had to do- you had to assume a position. Pull your pants down I’m going to lick your asshole.

“Marci Hirsch had to lick dirty asshole to have a man play toy. But Rob Black, you’re being evil and venomous.

“That’s because I got a phone call from Tom Byron- about a movie called Wet Work. Bryn Pryor talked to Tom Byron about being the lead in this movie. The movie was written for Tom Byron. Lo and behold, about three weeks ago they were talking about this movie and now tow the line Steven St. Croix got the part. Pryor was told he couldn’t use Byron. Marci Hirsch got a little upset, I guess.

“She probably asked herself how do I get Rob Black to talk about me. Fuck you, I’ll tell Bryn not to use Tom Byron.

“They [Steve and Marci Hirsch] don’t have the common courtesy or the balls to show up to a knife fight with a knife,” said Black.

“But sure as shit once we get in the knife fight and have a couple of wounds we’re setting off bombs. Then they say, oh you’re too rough, you say hurtful things. They can play games, but we’re not allowed to retaliate? We play too rough? That’s what they said.

It’s hearsay what happened to Nick East but we broke Marc Wallice’s balls. This is a factual story to show you that people who control the business are dog shit. I’m bad? They need to look in the mirror. But they hide and tell lies on top of the lies and can’t remember the lies they told. They lead this life that’s a jumbled mess of shit and destroy everything in their path. How much more money can Steve Hirsch have, and how many more lives can they destroy?”

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