Mark Kernes Opens Pandora’s Box; How Much Does FSC Pay Diane Duke For Losing?

AVN/Manwin, I have something to ask of you. I know you’re listening to me.

I complained about all of the James Bartholet interview videos and you started putting up trailers of great movies like Axel Braun’s Snow White. You mislabeled living porn star Jack Hammer as dead porn star Cal Jammer. I corrected you and you changed the caption on the picture. I said you should rid yourself of the likes of Steve Javors and lo and behold, he’s gone.

I have another request. Can something be done with Mark Kernes? I know he probably was grandfathered into the deal when Paul Fishbein sold the company, much like Janet Gibson was. It seems as if AVN/Manwin doesn’t know what to do with him. Like I’ve said before, he’s like the guy in Office Space with the stapler who keeps getting moved around until he ends up in the basement. He’s tasked to write the occasional article or op-ed that is often so out of left field and loopy that I wonder if Kernes is starting to get a little of that Donald Sterling dementia that’s going around.

AVN/Manwin, Mark Kernes is of the age to start collecting social security. He’s been at AVN long enough to have accrued a nice little retirement fund. It’s time to put Mark Kernes out to pasture. He has a 401K, he has no wife, no kids and only one ball. He’s not gonna end up on the streets eating cat food to survive. Getting rid of Mark Kernes ain’t gonna be a big thang. You’ll be doing him a favor. Maybe he’ll get in shape. Sitting in the basement with his stapler writing goofy articles has made him a bit chubby. His cholesterol and triglycerides must be through the roof. He’s not a healthy looking man, so giving him the boot will give him some extra time to get outside and do some power walking. Some light weight training would probably do him some good as well. Hell, I’ll get the fat bastard in shape. Come on down to NoHo and we’ll hit the gym, bro.

Mark Kernes wrote an op-ed yesterday. It is a roller coaster of contradictions, wild theories and a plea for money all rolled into one. He begins by talking about the condom legislation and the hurdles it still needs to get over to pass and become law. He talks about how the bill could get killed and not get finished. His call to action at the end of the article is somewhat nullified by Kernes saying that the bill still has a long way to go and could possibly not get passed. Then there is the option that it could go to court and be challenged as a violation of free speech. You look at all of that and you think “This sounds pretty good.”

Then he takes a sharp turn to the left and slams into a wall. He echoes the comments that I have made about the industry not moving out of state. He goes against the mantra that everybody has been spewing that the State of California is gonna lose billions of dollars of tax revenue because everyone is gonna leave so they don’t have to put on rubbers. I told everybody that many of the company owners have real estate in California and own their buildings and are not likely to sell everything and move out of state just because the government wants to make Tommy Pistol wear a jimmy hat.

Steven Hirsch has a beautiful 4 story building in Studio City overlooking the Hollywood Freeway. His corporate offices are housed there as well as other tenants like TMZ. Steve’s not selling the Vivid building and moving to Vegas when anyone with a Handycam can shoot content anywhere in the world and send it to him in the mail so he can use the footage on his broadcast channels. I said it, and now Mark is echoing my statements.

He talks about performers who have property in California and children who go to school here. They have their lives firmly planted in Los Angeles and they’re not moving to Las Vegas so James Deen can fuck Annika Albright without a rubber. Mark Kernes is saying what I’ve been saying all along. But, to sprinkle in his own take, because he doesn’t want to sound too much like Rob Black, he says that during certain parts of the year it’s too hot in Vegas so you can’t shoot outside. I understand your not wanting to sound like me, but can you come up with a better argument for not shooting in Vegas than it’s too hot? Chatsworth in August ain’t exactly the North Pole.

So Kernes starts on his roller coaster ride saying things aren’t over yet with the legislation and the industry still has some options and other tricks up her sleeve and then veers into saying that no one’s moving to Vegas, everyone has roots in LA and are not leaving and contradicts the thing that everybody has been threatening the state with happening. He then makes a statement that opens a Pandora’s Box.

He starts out by laying out how much Michael Weinstein and others at AIDS Healthcare Foundation make and that it’s far less than Diane Duke and that Diane Duke does a lot more to earn her money than Michael Weinstein. He says that Weinstein draws a 400K salary and that several AHF employees make around 200K. He makes it seem as if Weinstein and Co. make that money strictly by working to make condoms mandatory in porn films. It’s a little misleading considering AHF is a global organization that provides free treatment and healthcare to those stricken with HIV/AIDS all over the world. They do a lot more than trying to make sure Manuel Ferrara and Bonnie Rotten wear a rubber.

Now, I don’t have a whole lotta love for Weinstein and AHF, but when you try to compare salaries and you talk about money spent and money earned, you open up a bigger window. You say Diane Duke doesn’t make a lot of money and she works harder than Michael Weinstein for that money. Mark, buddy, your theory is kinda blown out of the water when you consider that AIDS Healthcare Foundation is kicking your ass. Since she’s been on the job, Michael Weinstein has made Diane Duke his little lesbian bitch.

AIDS Healthcare Foundation has been kicking Free Speech Coalition’s tail all up and down the State of California for the past five years or so. Michael Weinstein is working a lot harder and getting much better results from that hard work than Diane Duke. If Diana Duke was working so hard, she would be winning. If Diane Duke was earning her money, there wouldn’t have been initiatives on ballots and condom laws passed by voters. If Diane Duke, Joanna Cachapero and the gang at Free Speech Coalition had been doing their jobs competently, we wouldn’t be having this discussion about condom legislation. That includes you, Secretary Kernes

You talk about all the money that Weinstein makes and all the money AHF spent fighting for the condom law. What about the adult industry? You said yourself that the industry isn’t broke. You say at the end of your article that the industry needs to pony up and shell out money. Obviously you and Diane Duke aren’t doing a good enough job convincing everybody that they need to cough up dough. But Michael Weinstein has. So how has Diane Duke done more to earn her money than Weinstein?

You wanna know what Weinstein has done to earn his salary? Got a politician in his pocket named Isadore Hall, he rallied enough signatures to get a measure placed on the ballot and passed in LA and he is on the way to get that measure enforced by the entire State of California. I would say Michael Weinstein earned his 400K salary. What has Diane Duke done? She can’t even get a single politician to come out in favor of the adult industry’s position. Not one.

Michael Weinstein makes 400 thousand a year to help take care of people with AIDS all over the world. He gets those afflicted with HIV free treatment. He gets some of those to people speak on AHF’s behalf and support their positions. Like Cameron Bay and Rod Daily.

Hey Kernes, don’t you think we could’ve done the same thing? Instead of trying to demonize them and say they got HIV off set and kick them to the curb and say you’re on your own, couldn’t Cameron and Rod have been brought into the fold of the adult industry and had their treatment paid for? Wouldn’t it have been a lot more powerful to have them on our side and stating that they didn’t get it in the business and people should be careful off screen and use condoms, but the adult industry is safe because the testing caught their infection before it could be spread to others? But that’s not what Diane Duke and Free Speech Coalition did. In their haste to get out their no on set transmission message they missed a golden PR opportunity. They cast aside two people who could’ve bolstered their argument about testing making the industry safe.

People say, “How much did Michael Weinstein and AHF pay Cameron Bay to lie?” Assholes, why didn’t Free Speech Coalition pay Cameron Bay to lie for them? The minute Cameron Bay was diagnosed with HIV, Diane Duke should’ve been there and said, “We’re gonna pay for your treatments, we’re gonna help you with housing, a job, some money. We’re gonna do whatever we need to do to make you an ally.” That would’ve been the right thing to do. That would’ve been the smart thing to do.

Apparently Diane Duke isn’t doing more to earn her money than Michael Weinstein. The minute Cameron Bay came down with HIV, AHF was there with a pocketful of money. Same thing with Darren James. AIDS Healthcare was there with a stash of cash and a job. Why wasn’t the industry there with cash and a job and whatever was needed to make these people be on OUR side? Because it was easier to sweep them under the rug and pretend that their problems weren’t our problems. You got it off set. You were irresponsible. Fuck you.

Well now Cameron Bay is our problem, she’s there at every hearing testifying for AIDS Healthcare and against the industry when it could’ve been so easy to have her on its side.

How can you say that Michael Weinstein and AHF don’t earn their money when you are the losers? When do you hear of a football team getting raises when they have losing season after losing season? When the Yankees don’t make it into the playoffs or win the World Series, they get shit on because they have the highest payroll in baseball. Isn’t it about time that the adult industry got a new quarterback? A new team?

Mark Kernes, since you put it out there how much Michael Weinstein is making, how much is Diane Duke making? I know you know because you’re the secretary of Free Speech Coalition. How much does Joanna Cachapero make? Jeffrey Douglas? How much do you pay your lobbyist to go to Sacramento and lose?

AVN/Manwin, you need to get rid of Mark Kernes. He has opened a Pandora’s Box that can’t be shut now. He is Baghdad Bob, telling everybody how great everything is going while shock and awe rains down all around him.

Kernes ends his rambling mess of an article with a pitch for money for Free Speech Coalition. He begs the industry for more money so Free Speech Coalition can lose some more. Keep paying the team that loses. Keep paying the quarterback that throws incomplete passes and interceptions.

The industry can’t keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. That’s the definition of insanity. We can’t keep paying losers. Free Speech Coalition and everyone associated with it are losers. The proof is in the pudding.

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