Melissa King’s Sex Scandal is Only One of Many Beauty Pageant Sex Scandals

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from – Melissa King, Miss Delaware Teen USA, gave up her crown after a supposed porn video in which she allegedly appeared surfaced online on Tuesday.

As noted previously by IBTimes, King denied ever appearing in such a video, but she gave up her title soon after the news broke anyway.

As it turns out, King is not the only beauty queen who was involved in a scandal. In fact, there were many others.

As reported by the News Journal, King joins fellow Delaware beauty queen Sheena Benton, who was allowed to compete in the Miss USA pageant and keep the title of Miss Delaware USA in 2005 after it was discovered that she had pled guilty to a drunk driving charge in 2004.

Of course, the most famous scandal involving a beauty queen was the one involving Vanessa Williams.

Williams has had a lengthy career as a singer and actress, but in 1984 she rose to fame as the first African-American woman to be crowned Miss America. Her reign was cut short after Penthouse published nude photos of her in the fall of the same year. Williams had posed for the photos as an artists’ model, not a professional model, before competing for Miss America, and it was never her intent for the photos to become public.

The photographer, Tom Chiapel, sold the photos without Williams’ consent, to Penthouse. Despite the seeming setback, Williams has had a long and prolific career.

Another sex tape scandal involved 2008’s Miss Trinidad and Tobago, Anya Ayoung-Chee. A video was reportedly stolen from her boyfriend’s laptop that showed Ayoung-Chee, her boyfriend and another woman engaging in sexual activities, the New York Daily News reported. In 2012, Miss Dominican Republic Carlina Duran had to give up the title after it was revealed that she was married, according to E!

In 2009 Carrie Prejean, the reigning Miss California and a contestant in the Miss USA pageant, answered a question about same-sex marriages by saying that she believed a marriage was meant to be between a man and woman. Her answer drew outsize media scrutiny, and she later had to give up her Miss California title after a breach of contract.

However, these scandals pale in comparison to the real life sagas of Mexican beauty queens who’ve been linked drug cartels. Most recently, Maria Susana Flores Gamez, 2012 Woman of Sinaloa, was killed in a shootout between soldiers and drug traffickers.

Gamez’ boyfriend was in a gang, which many Mexican beauty queens find attractive as the status associated with drug cartels is hard to resist for many from poor economic backgrounds in Mexico.

The movie “Miss Bala” was based on Laura Zuniga, a former beauty queen who was arrested in Mexico for suspected drug trafficking. She was later released after a judge ruled that she was not involved in any crime. Another book, “Miss Narco,” by Javier Valdez Cárdenas, also detailed the relationship between Mexican beauty queens and drug cartels.

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