Mike South is Stupid Hitler; He Doesn’t Know How To Tell The Big Lie

When it comes to the adult news sites I’ve broken it down to AVN being the CNN, XBIZ the MSNBC and I used to consider Mike South’s site the Fox News. But it’s really not. Mike South is the Glenn Beck of porn. A man with absolutely no credibility and nothing that comes out of his mouth is the truth. He and his website perpetuate nothing but lie after lie.

When we get our new website up, we’re gonna have a special section where we keep track of all of Mike South’s lies. Maybe have a thing called the Lie-O-Meter. His lying is very Hitleresque. Adolph Hitler said, “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.” Mike South is like Hitler, he tells the big lie over and over hoping that people will listen to it and believe it.

To deflect from his pathological lying, he calls other people liars. He says, “Consider the source” when confronted with his own lies. He says Rob Black’s websites lie. But when asked to point out what are lies, he never does.

I’m the only one that really holds his feet to the fire and constantly challenges him on his bullshit. Other websites come up with something here and there. The RealPornWikiLeaks.com came put with something huge www.therealpornwikileaks.com/outrage-porn-producer-caught-shooting-without-std-tests-condoms/ But if you look at Mike South and who he is, that’s just the tip of the iceberg as far as his lies and distortions.

Mike South posted another story on Treasure Island Media. Back to attacking the gay company and back to being homophobic. Let me give you a little history lesson. The straight side of the business and the gay side of the business has always had a separation. They have their own awards shows, magazines and political affiliations. There hasn’t been much of a co-mingling of these two sides. It is no secret that the gay side has a large contingent of HIV positive performers, which is why they use condoms for the most part and testing for HIV isn’t usually a requirement. The straight side has relied on testing and does not usually require condoms. So the gay side and the straight side has always had this separation. We don’t meddle in their affairs and we don’t like when they meddle in ours, like AHF does.

Mike South has recently waged a war of lies and propaganda against Treasure Island Media. His recent article is entitled: “Treasure island Media Trying To Be The Extreme Associates of Gay Porn” How this pertains to my former company is just ludicrous. Mike South apparently can’t come up with anything else to talk bad about me, because I have a voice now and am quick to dispel the lies that he tells about me.

He writes:

“For those that don’t remember…”

Right there it tells you that what he’s talking about occurred many years ago and what Extreme Associates produced is nothing compared to what is done today. What is done today is ten times harder than anything done during Extreme’s heyday. He leapfrogs over all that time and content to compare Extreme to a gay company that nobody ever heard of until he started blasting them. He compares a straight company to a gay company and has no authority to do so, because he’s not part of the gay industry.

“For those that don’t remember, Extreme Associates was The Kazoo’s company that specialized in abusing females,(this is a lie) making them drink vomit,(lie) enema excrement,(lie) urine and such his antics rightly landed him and his wife in a Federal Penitentiary, It would appear that Treasure Island Media is following suit.”

Again, I defy anyone to say that any girl was abused or hurt on an Extreme Associates set. That’s not the case today. Remember Porn Star Punishment? Girls are hurt on Kink sets and on Evil Angel sets all the time. Nacho Vidal has been in Evil Angel movies showing him punching girls in the face. I can give you Kink.com and Evil Angel movies that will make what we did ten years ago look like a walk in the park.

“What makes this relevant is that a lot of these guys (not the amateur submitting) are performing in straight porn, with the help of caverject and other such drugs.”

“If THE FSC were smart (ya right) they’d take a stand…”

OK. Think about what he just said there. He said that there were a lot of guys who perform in Treasure Island Media videos who perform in straight porn and Free Speech Coalition should take a stand.

My question to Mike South would be who are these performers? Who are the guys? What straight movies have they performed in? Give us a list of who. Mike South is again making a blanket statement that no one challenges him on.

I’m the only one who challenges him on his bullshit. Just like when I challenged him on his affiliation with Manwin and the fact that he makes money from Manwin sites, all the while running a smear campaign on them. www.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=60351 He is also associated with Derek Hay and LATATA and makes money from them. We have talked about this many times and the fact that Mike South never questions that tactics of Derek Hay and LATATA because he is in bed with them. He complains about Free Speech Coalition and them smearing him when one of his advertisers sits on the FSC board. He just runs a perpetual string of bullshit. There is absolutely nothing he says that can be believed.

Mike South says Treasure Island Media is trying to be the Extreme Associates of gay porn. Extreme Associates, a company that went out of business years ago and produced content that is nothing compared to what is being produced today by the biggest companies in the business like Kink.com, Evil Angel and Brazzers. He then says that what makes this relevant is that a lot of the guys in Treasure Island Media videos are performing in straight porn with the help of caverject.

OK, now are you ready for the biggest bullshit in the world, ladies and gentlemen?

If you go to Mike South’s message board, a poster by the name of CPanzram says that Mike South needs to out these guys who are performing in straight movies after working for Treasure Island Media.

Do you know what Mike South replied?

“believe me if and when I know who they are I will out them”

Can you believe that? He just said that he doesn’t even know who these people are. He makes a claim that Treasure Island Media talent are performing in straight movies and when pressed on the issue, admits that he doesn’t even know who the talent is?

You do realize that he just straight up fucking lied? He makes a post which is a complete lie.

Again, he posts:

“believe me if and when I know who they are I will out them”

Doesn’t that directly contradict what he posted in his article?

“What makes this relevant is that a lot of these guys (not the amateur submitting) are performing in straight porn, with the help of caverject and other such drugs.”

“If THE FSC were smart (ya right) they’d take a stand…”

So he’s creating a story and challenging people to do something that doesn’t exist!

How this guy doesn’t get sued is baffling to me. He says a LOT of gay guys are shooting their dicks up and performing in straight porn and then says he doesn’t know who they are.

Mike South is Stupid Hitler. He doesn’t know how to tell the big lie. Anybody who follows this moron is equally retarded.

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