Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Lizzy Borden’s Evil Queen Is Fairest of Them All

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BABYLON: As the fantasy world of Fairy Tale Films XXX is being formed in and around Sinister X Syndicate Studios, anticipation for the debut release of Snow White XXX rises to heart palpitating proportions, especially with the first look of Lizzy Borden as the Evil Queen.

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest one of all?”

Sinister X doesn’t hesitate to give his answer to the age old question.

” The 1st Lady of Porn is now the Evil Queen of Extreme, and all others should beware of her wicked ways, because Lizzy Borden is going to the rule and rid the land of non worthy porno peons.”

Borden’s first act as Evil Queen is releasing the first promo picture from the Fairy Tale Films feature, and that picture is of herself. When asked why the first promo pic was not of the title starring Snow White (played by Alexis Ford), Lizzy Borden had this to say.

“Look, I love Alexis to death, and I can’t wait to see her as Snow White because she is absolutely gorgeous, but if she gets the movie named after her, I get the first promotional picture. After all, I am the fairest one of all.”

Production is set to begin for the feature in the next two weeks, with special promotional pictures slated for release before that.

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