Naples, Florida Doesn’t Want Jimmy Flynt

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NAPLES, FL – from – The co-founder of Hustler wants to open a boutique centered on clothing in Naples. Jimmy Flynt is famous for “adult” entertainment, and this is rubbing some people the wrong way.

Lingerie, books and even sex toys, for Cincinnati native Jimmy Flynt–it’s a way of life.

“This is an ideal market for our product,” Flynt said.

The 65-year-old has been in the adult entertainment business for years–infamous for co-founding Hustler magazine in the 70’s.

Now he’s looking to bring some of his products with a twist right here to Southwest Florida.

“It’s a combination of Victoria’s Secret and a lot of other unique boutiques,” Flynt said.

But not everyone’s on board.

“I just didn’t even think the county would allow something like that,” said Naples resident Lindsay Hurley.

As of now, it’s not.

Flynt’s Sexy Gifts was set to open its doors in Naples this week.

The shelves are stocked with all sorts of adult items from lotions to clothing, but county officials won’t hand over a business license.

“You’ve got your store dressed up, marketing, signs ready to go and they give you a letter saying ‘I’m not giving you a license,'” Flynt said.

Flynt says it’s because he and his son also operate a popular adult website–one that features pornographic items–stuff the county fears he’ll sell.

“They get that confused with brick and mortar, its two totally different stores. One’s online and one’s brick and mortar,” Flynt said.

County officials released this statement today: “Based on what he’s selling, it’s unclear whether or not it’s a sexually oriented business. Until we figure that out, the shop will remain closed.”

If it’s declared a “sexually oriented business,” the shop will need a special business ordinance, which could postpone the opening of the store even longer.

“There’s confusion of what products will be carried here but we’ll be in compliance with the ordinances here in Collier,” Flynt said.

While it’s a waiting game for now, Flynt says he’s been through this before and he’s confident they’ll open soon.

“I’ve dealt with this all of my life because when you deal with a product of sexual nature, the political flags go up,” Flynt said.

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