Natali Demore Found Dead; Had Suicide Pact with Her Editor Jack Banner

Check out our new advertiser; and Follow AdultFYI at [email protected]; Follow Gene Ross at [email protected] is reporting that fetish model and producer Natali Demore and her video editor Jack Banner were found dead on Aug. 4 at Demore’s production studio in Van Nuys.

They followed through on an apparent “consensual suicide pact,” multiple sources confirmed to XBIZ.

Demore and Banner apparently died of wounds from two shotguns found at the scene that were rigged to fire simultaneously.

Demore well known in the bondage community was best known for running the all-girl sites and She had owned the studio with a dungeon since 2006.

Banner had been her editor for for at least the past three years and had also produced and directed more than 50 titles since 2000, as well as performed and worked behind the scenes on numerous productions.

According to the story, Demore and Banner were found on Saturday by her sister-in-law. There was a suicide note indicating a pact.

Soma Snakeoil, a professional dominatrix who knew Demore, said there actually were “multiple suicide notes” left behind in various forms and locations, including at the studio where they were found.

Demore, say friends, was struggling financially, but she wasn’t very transparent about that with many people.

Demore’s site according to the story, was taking a hit. She relied on a lot of custom work, but she was also going through a divorce. Demore also had a lot of physical pain, especially her shoulder. Banner also had some serious physical things going on, claim associates.

There were indications that the double suicide occurred on Friday night, Aug. 3.

Dominatrix Soma Snakeoil says, “I guess they went to her dungeon, put on a Sarah McLachlan CD and they built a tent out of sheets, and I think lightstands and rope that they stood in. And it appears like they had somehow built some kind of contraption so the shotguns could go off at the same time.”

Demore is survived by her boyfriend. It is unclear who received any additional suicide notes left by Demore or Banner, Snakeoil said.

Snakeoil added, “It was very clear it was a consensual suicide pact. The studio was not sealed off [after the authorities arrived]. There were shotgun shells, and the contraption that they used was just left there.”

Banner, who was 60, had worked extensively for Harmony Concepts, as well as with Joe Anton Productions, Dominic Wolfe and and several other producers, sources said.

Demore studied photography in college and kept her profession in the adult industry private from her immediate family.

One of the suicide notes indicated that Demore bought a shotgun in May and that “she’s been thinking about this for a long time,” according to BDSM player Liam Lockran.

Lockran, a former producer who is currently the general manager at the “Dr. Susan Block Show,” said that Banner “actually shot a few of my films. He seemed like a nice enough guy.”

Demore was believed to be in her 30s.

James Bartholet repped Demore for PR until a couple of years ago.

“I guess she was really depressed,” said Bartholet.

“I saw her maybe about a year ago over at AVN. We talked briefly. She seemed up in spirits and said she was doing stuff. She said I’ll give you a call, I want to do some publicity for my new line. I said I’d love to work with you again. She was a great girl, a great client.”

Bartholet said Demore cited financial troubles for her dropping out as a client.

“I just got the news now that she was dead. It’s really sad.”

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