November 8th is Fabian’s Big Day When All the Contributions Presumably Pay Off

The Free Speech Coalition just announced the launch of the FSC Summit website. The FSC Summit, hosted by XBIZ, is a one-day event to be held on Thursday, Nov. 8, at the Sofitel Hotel in Los Angeles.

A day of seminars will be followed by a gala reception, where the FSC Awards will be presented. Awards will be given in the following categories: Woman of the Year, Man of the Year, Internet Company of the Year, Novelty Company of the Year, Production Company of the Year, the Positive Image Awards, and the Legacy Award.

We’ve already told you who the Man of the Year is, but if you missed it, allow us to refresh your memory.

It will be the Fabulous Fabian Thylmann.

Of course, holding this event after the November elections is chancey, especially if the condom mandate passes.

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