NY senator sentenced to probation, counseling for Beating Up His Girfriend

Typical dumb broad. He beats her up and she defends him.

NEW YORK — A state senator was sentenced Friday to probation and domestic abuse counseling, the resolution of a yearlong legal drama that began when he took his girlfriend to a hospital with a gaping, bleeding wound under her eye and ended with her begging a judge to let them be together.

State Sen. Hiram Monserrate, a freshman Democrat, could have been sent to jail for up to a year on the misdemeanor assault conviction for unintentionally injuring girlfriend Karla Giraldo by dragging her through his apartment lobby.

But his troubles are not over: A Senate committee is looking into whether he is fit to remain in the Legislature.

Monserrate, in a tearful statement to Justice William Erlbaum, said he took full responsibility for his actions and looked forward to resuming his life with Giraldo.

“I am so sorry for the harm Karla Giraldo endured and suffered,” he said. “I will not let her down, I will not let the court down, and I will not let my community down.”

Monserrate and Giraldo have been under a court order not to see each other since shortly after their violent encounter was caught on video last December. She sought to have the order lifted and said Friday that the two planned to marry, but the judge kept the protection order in place.

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