Octomom Suing Strip Club; Claims They Never Came Up with a Deposit

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from www.gossipextra.com – The manager of Nadya Suleman, the single mother of 14 who made news when she had eight children at once in 2009, tells Gossip Extra Suleman will dance topless wherever the hell she wants — and definitely not at West Palm Beach’s strip bar T’s Lounge.

Matter of fact, says her manager Gina Rodriguez, Suleman is about to file a lawsuit against the Congress Avenue bosom bazaar for advertising that she’ll be pole-dancing topless there nightly July 11-15.

“Nadya did get a contract from T’s Lounge but it was never consummated because T’s didn’t come up with the deposit,” Rodriguez said. “For any appearance, we ask for 50 percent up front. Since that didn’t happen, we will not be at T’s Lounge. And now, we’re suing for using Nadya’s image to promote something that’s not going to happen.”

What will happen, Rodriguez added, is that Suleman will perform two shows July 13 at The Playhouse South, another South Florida gentleman’s club in Hallandale.

“We’ve had a relationship with the owner (Greg Louis),” Rodriguez said. “He’s a good guy.”

Suleman, 36, has had a hard time financially with all those mouths to feed and took to filming a porn tape that will be released on the week she’s scheduled to dance at The Playhouse.

Gary Odle, T’s owner, is fishing in the Florida Keys and couldn’t be reached. But he told me yesterday that Suleman did sign a contract to perform at his club.

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