Patient Zero is Cameron Bay; More Stories About False-Positives

LOS ANGELES — from – Mark Schechter, the owner of Adult Talent Managers (ATMLA), said late Wednesday that the adult performer who was identified as HIV positive today is undergoing additional tests to determine with 100 percent certainty that her positive status is correct.

“It’s unconfirmed,” Schechter said.

He said that the performer known as Cameron Bay, an ATMLA performer, did receive notification from Cutting Edge Testing earlier today that her test from Tuesday had come back positive showing antibodies for HIV. He said that Bay retested Tuesday at CET after receiving a call from the lab in which she was informed that the test she took there on Monday was “contaminated.”

“She retested on Tuesday and then this morning the chain of events led me to meeting with her so that we could plan our steps in regards to what she needs to do at this point in time,” Schechter said.

Schechter said he spent “most of the afternoon with her” and took Bay to Talent Testing Services to get another test. That result will not be available until Thursday at the earliest.

“The main reason for coming forward with a story is No. 1 to put some clarity in the reports that there is an HIV positive,” Schechter said.

“There is no 100 percent positive at this time other than the indication of HIV antibodies in the system. Any time they find that there is retesting and more retesting and more retesting.”

Bay told XBIZ Wednesday, “Honestly, I don’t want everybody else out there that doesn’t know up from down telling my story or talking about something that they know anything about. That’s how people end up getting hurt and what not. It’s better for this to come out of my mouth than other people’s, and me just sitting by and letting people spread rumors like wildfire, it’s not a positive thing.

“People need to be informed correctly about what the situation is. It is unconfirmed. I feel very violated in the fact that my name is out there and I just found out myself. I didn’t even have time to process what I heard. I didn’t really have a chance to figure out my circumstances and what my situation was. Luckily, I’m not some delicate little flower out there. It’s not right for someone to talk about something that has nothing to do with them.”

Bay continued, “No matter what the outcome is, my attitude won’t change. The fact is, no matter what the outcome is, everybody is going to know and I’m still going to live on doing me. It’s not necessarily going to be in the porn industry, but I’ll be raising awareness or something of that nature.”

Schechter said Bay came forward immediately with her rest results and “did the right thing.”

“Furthermore, we have contacted all the performers she has been in contact with,” he said.

“Is there a test result that indicated antibodies for HIV? Yes there has been a test and it has confirimed a positive result for the HIV antibodies. But it could be a false-positive. Now she has gone to both TTS and CET for further tests to rule out any false positive results.

“At this point in time, the industry did the right thing in regards to the notification and the halting of production. The agencies and the FSC and APHSS did the right thing by halting production with this type of information. However it’s not 100 percent confirmed that she is 100 percent positive, and that won’t be confirmed until Friday, Monday or Tuesday.”

Schechter said that Bay has been in the industry for about six months.


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