Paul Thomas Out at Vivid?

posted on – I guess out with the old, in with the new would probably have been a better headline but then would you have really known I was talking about Paul Thomas no longer being under contract with Vivid after 20 longer years?

After a very long and unusual relationship, Paul Thomas seems to no longer be with Vivid. This is according to a post made on Adult DVD Talk from Howard Levine of Pulse Distribution who now reps the Vivid line of products. When asked what happened to Paul Thomas Howard reply that he simply has moved on.

In response to working with B. Skow he reveals “Our directors are pretty much B Skow right now, who has received nothing but glowing reviews everywhere. To be honest with you, everything i have come out with in the last 10 months that he has done, has sold out of first printing and has been reordered. It has legs.”

He goes on to say “He is the best director we have had in a long time.”

If you like, you can follow B. Skow on Twitter.

So what exactly happened to Paul Thomas? Howard says in another post in that same thread “he has moved on to do make movies for other companies as well as Vivid. He is no longer under contract. It was all amicable. He is a great guy and a great director. He has been with Vivid for 20 years, it us just time to do other things.”

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