“Peter Acworth Has Something to Hide”

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Julie Meadows at www.juliemeadows.com interviews Beth Brigham who was Professor Gail Dines understudy at Wheelock College from 2004 to 2006. What caught our attention was Meadows question regarding the recent arrest of Kink.com’s Peter Acworth on a cocaine possession charge.

Q: Some media outlets are jumping to post about Peter Acworth’s arrest for cocaine possession, and certainly some anti-pornogrpahers will try to read ‘feeding drugs to performers’ into it. In light of Acworth’s arrest, you would still work for kink.com?

Brigham: No, but my reason is NOT the cocaine!

His attorney states that “This charge amounts to $60 dollars worth.”

That means he had a damn small amount of coke on him, and usually when you have a very small amount of a drug on you, it’s your personal stash.

Forcing models to take drugs is tabloid-level outrageous for a number of reasons. It’s an expensive drug in a bad economy, especially for the porn industry right now. If he was forcing models to do coke, he’d also need to be selling it to offset the cost of supply to all these new addicts he is creating (most kink.com models appear multiple times after all, so he can’t just get them hooked and let them loose).

The CEO of a porn company dealing coke, that would be pretty hard to keep on the [down low], no? Not to mention, cocaine is a horrendous choice if you want to manipulate anyone into anything… feeling hyper, invincible, egotistical, impatient and somehow, physically stronger?

If anything, that’s the recipe for a LESS obedient/maleable model – it’s basically just going to make her or him want to move around nonstop and talk superfast and do more coke. and, i never did professional sets and was usually one or two on one when I worked, if not completely alone producing content or performing, but i get the impression that there are generally crew present on professional sets and eventually someone would witness such a crime as forcing a person to consume an illegal substance.

You can’t get THAT many performers and crew members to all conspire together – and not have *one* with loose lips who spreads the word like wildfire?

Not to mention a lot of models working for kink.com would probably go straight to the cops if they were put in such a situation. The reality of the cocaine that was found? People in all walks of life have addiction problems. It’s that simple. It doesn’t invalidate a person to have a disease like addiction.

My issue is with how his attorney highlights that no weapons charges were filed. Why would Acworth, a CEO who holds a business’ reputation in his actions, interfere with police responding to shots fired and get himself arrested if he wasn’t trying to avoid charges more serious?

Evidence of shots fired but not enough to file weapons charges? What other reason could there be for him to interfere with police investigation? If there were no guns to hide, then what was it? His noncompliance implies that he has something to hide.

That no longer feels like an environment that cares about my safety. I don’t know WTF is going on there. It feels especially unsafe though since there’s so much evidence of guns having been there at some point and probably that night but his stalling was successful… That not only disrespects a precious right we have that is constantly under fire (hah), but that kind of horseplay with guns in improperly zoned areas where people think they’re totally safe to shoot is how people accidentally end up dead. Damned if i’m going to die working!

Check out the whole interview at: www.juliemeadows.com/blog/2013/02/14/a-conversation-with-beth-brigham-about-gail-dines-kink-com/

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