Place a Bet: Who in this Industry Gets Busted First in Las Vegas for Sex Trafficking and Pandering?

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Today OC Modeling announced that it was opening shop in Las Vegas. The company said that since many studios now film there, it decided it needed a second office to work hands on with them. The new office officially opened last week, and is being run by OCM co-owner, John “JC” Baumgartner.

Rob Black addressed that issue on his show Tuesday afternoon.

“I don’t understand why this industry seems to think it can go to Las Vegas to escape regulation in California,” said Black.

“They want to run like scoundrel outlaws rather then comply with condom laws. This industry thinks they can move to Las Vegas for sex trafficking [which is what it’s considered].

“Our business instead of complying with a condom mandate we would rather put performers’ health completely in danger and be outlaws,” Black added.

“And we’ll put pimping and pandering fines on the talent which is federal charges and they’ll get prison terms like Heidi Fleiss. Yeah, that’s looking out for talent. Mike South in a sideways is promoting that. You have a concept to try and establish an outlet in Las Vegas with lawyer Marc Randazza [who advertises on South’s site].

“Mike South promotes this guy [Randazza] in Las Vegas who had a seminar about promoting the business in Las Vegas. Unfortunately they’re not telling you two important factors are involved- one, that Las Vegas is not a legal place to shoot makes it a tricky issue.

“You would have to have a mix of public officials get behind making sex films legal in Las Vegas. Two, once you pulled that off, you then have to contend with the fact that the unions are in Nevada. Anywhere our business is going to be, they have a thing called unions.

“Everyone in this business knows from our trade shows in Las Vegas that if you touch a curtain they [the Teamsters] will break your hands- that’s a union job. So the notion this business is going to Las Vegas is ridiculous.

“Dennis Hof has to be regulated, and they wear condoms; there’s no way he’s going to let pornographers do the same shit in Las Vegas and bring the heat down on him.

“You think he wants that? There’s no way in hell this business is going to Las Vegas illegally. To do so is at your own peril. There’s no way this business operates legally in Las Vegas. We’ll go from being outlaws here to outlaws in Las Vegas and if you don’t think the Aids Healthcare Foundation won’t be in Las Vegas, you motherfuckers are so mistaken.”

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