Playmate of the Year: My Boyfriend Beat Me with a Baseball Bat [She Must Have Owed Him Money]

This does sound like a bad porn script.

from – A former Playmate of the Year is suing the ex-boyfriend she claims brutalized her, threatened to kill her family …. and even attempted to pop her breast implants.

Dalene Kurtis, who won the Playmate title in 2002, wants $10 million from ex-BF James Daren Metropoulos, heir to the Bumblebee Tuna fortune.

Dalene claims, among other things, James

— Beat her in the ribs with a baseball bat
— Called her a “f**king whore,” “ungrateful b*tch,” and “ugly old Playmate”
— Stomped on her chest and stomach
— Choked her
— Grabbed, punched, and kicked her
— Spit on her

Dalene won a temporary restraining order against James early last month.

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