PopPorn Film Finds an Adult Studio for How to Be a Ladies Man

Philadelphia – Adult blog POPPORN.com (www.popporn.com ) has announced today, that leading adult studio Zero Tolerance has acquired the rights to the POPPORN production, How To Be a Ladies Man.

HOW TO BE A LADIES MAN, a self-proclaimed self-help program developed by POPPORN.com host Spock Buckton,[pictured] is meant to help those individuals who may have a difficult time successfully meeting and ultimately sleeping with women. While the program has not had success being developed into a full-fledged mainstream infomercial as originally intended, Zero Tolerance seized on the opportunity and has offered to fund an adult feature promoting the steps in Spock Buckton’s program.

A promotional teaser for the program meant to find public funding was launched and can be seen here: www.popporn.com/node/1277

POPPORN.com’s editor-in-chief Brian Bangs said, “Buckton wanted this to be a legitimate self-help program. Clearly, there’s no way anything he suggests could possibly be a good idea. However, Zero Tolerance realized that making Spock’s concepts into a pornographic film could not only be entertaining as hell but also have some amazing sex. ”

Production is set to begin in early November with a scheduled release for LADIES MAN in early 2010. Press will be contacted for on set invites or the sure to be legendary shoot.

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For more information, contact Brian Bangs at [email protected]

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