Questions for Dave Cummings

(WORLD WIDE WEB) — Heinrich Kurt Von Moltke, Esq. asked some interesting questions to adult star and Ensure drinking all around nice guy, Dave Cummings on Rame.
HVM: Have you written a book – a memoir – about your career?

DC: Not yet, but I’m planning to; the “barn” title will possibly be “From Altar Boy to Porn Star.” I might also write a “Part 2” for publication after I
die, in which I might reveal the names of some of the people who in my
personal opinion are “scumbags” of sorts (see my Sep, 2002 monthly column titled “Scumbags” at the link to “Dave’s Column” at my website.

HVM: You seem to be a very interesting player in the porn world…in that you are not a wacko like Ron Jeremy, your not physically repulsive like many other actors who have been around for a while, and you seem like a regular, decent guy.

DC: Thanks! Actually, at 63 years of age, I am getting even fatter and uglier; but, my goal has always been to be the average older guy who viewers could possibly somewhat identify with, and hopefully realize that if a guy like “Dave Cummings” can have sex with porn starlets like Serenity/Julie Ashton/Shanna McCullough/Sierra/Ryan Conner/Felicia Fox/Austin O’Reilly/Melissa Ashley/BiSexual Britni/Dynamite/Candy Apples/Laurel Canyon (who called me yesterday seeking assistance in launching a cumback!)/Layla Jade/Brooke Hunter / Felony / Lovette / Alexandra Nice/Candy Roxxx/Jewel Valmont–Ava Vincent/Lauren Montgomery / Kaylynn / Nico Treasures/Blake Mitchell/ Kelsey Heart / hundreds-of-others, then certainly the viewers fantasy about having sex with that same girl makes her more of an attainable fantasy. I’m merely a stand-in and/or prop. From emails and letters I receive, it appears that even the younger viewers enjoy seeing the young starlets, so it’s not just an appeal to other old guys like me!

HVM: Have you been in porn your whole life?

DC: I started in late 1994. See the “BIO” at the link to “Interviews With Dave” at my website–indeed, I really AM a retired U.S. Army Lt Col who also has a couple of degrees.

HVM: Do you have a career outside of porn?

DC: After a 1985 divorce from my wife of 22 years and my retirement from the Army in 1988, I ventured into the brokerage world of options and futures, then to market analysis of foreign currencies, and finally into the mortgage loan arena. Presently, all I do is porn:-)))

HVM: I bet that a lot of us porn fans would be very interested in your story.

DC: I’ve been jotting down info for a probable book for years; I just need to stop being quite so active in porn, and devote some time to actually writing a book—finding available time is somewhat of a problem (because I like having sex with porn starlets, like I will be doing on film with a new girl at 1PM tomorrow). Also, it’s difficult to write a book PRIOR to “retiring” from porn–too many notable things keep happening that need including into the book I plan to write, so I can’t just write it up to and including 2003 when 2004 might be filled with more and more activities that might be worth including in a book. Hence, I might need to write a Part 1, and add to it for a Part 2 later????

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