Rebecca Bardoux: Mike Kulich Told Me He Would Win XBiz’s Best New Studio Award

Rebecca Bardoux says she is now afraid of Mike Kulich and, allegedly, what he can do with fake social network accounts. According to Bardoux, a friend of Kulich was supposed to have told her how Kulich is really good at creating fake accounts. Thusly, Kulich, says Bardoux, lends the impression that he and rock star Richie Sambora are buds.

“Mike makes it look like Richie Sambora is his friend,” says Bardoux.

“Kulich has harassed the shit out of me with fake Facebook accounts,” Bardoux also claims.

“Even the day after we went to court [over a TRO], Kulich created this account from his ex-wife saying that they were getting back together again and were trying to work things out. I’m not even friends with her, and she asked me for a friend’s request?”

Bardoux claims Kulich is crazy, but she never wanted to bring this up.

”I wanted to let this go.” Bardoux says she herself was dealing with issues over her mother passing away when they met.

“I was in a very bad place when he came into my life.”

Bardoux says Kulich got Erica McLean to ask Bardoux if she’d go out with him. Bardoux said she didn’t want to, so soon after her mother’s death.

“Finally James Bartholet called me and said, ‘Rebecca can you go out with Mike Kulich?’

“James was asking me because he just signed Monarchy Distribution to be his client. I said okay, as a favor to James Bartholet.

“Mike then texted me saying, ‘I’ve been waiting to meet you for seven years.’

When we went out to dinner the first thing I said was what are your intentions? I figure you either want to deal with me or just fuck me. Let’s face it. That’s reality. I said what are your intentions and he texted me, ‘I want to have a relationship with you.’

Bardoux asked Kulich to define what he meant by a relationship, and he painted the proverbial picture of a white picket fence lifestyle. Bardoux says she’s known the guy for five minutes and he’s talking like that. She felt something wasn’t right.

“But he was in the industry and talked like he was going to be the next Steve Hirsch.”

It was apparent to me that when Bardoux was giving her interview to, that something was left out of it. She tells me what it was.

Kulich, according to Bardoux, was asked to be a sponsor of the Nightmoves award show. Kulich’s alleged comment to her was, “The only way I’m going to be a sponsor of that show is if I win an award.” I said I don’t know what award you would win. You’re just starting out.”

Kulich allegedly told her he wanted to win Best New Studio, and if Nightmoves didn’t have that award they should make it.

“He’s going to deny this,” Bardoux continues, “but I will take a lie detector test. In the beginning of our relationship back in March he told me he was going to win Best New Studio for XBiz because he already paid for all this advertising with them.”

Kulich’s Assence Films is nominated in that category. XBiz’s nominations came out in mid-November, so, according to Bardoux’s timeline, Kulich would have known eight months in advance that he was being nominated.

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