Recipe For Disaster? American Ebola Patients Flying To US Hospital On Saturday

Sometimes when I turn on the news I feel like I’ve been hit with a 50 caliber mortar from an Israeli gunship that just knocks me on my ass.

The newest shock to my senses concerns this Ebola outbreak over in Africa. If I were a religious person, if I believed in the invisible man in the sky I would be bracing for End Times. With the uprisings and conflicts in the Middle East and the Ukraine and now the widespread and deadly Ebola disease in Africa that is now coming to the United States, you could open up the Bible and read about a huge war in the Middle East and a great plague that wipes out humanity and and go, “Yep. End Times is definitely upon us.” The Mayan calendar is a coupla years off. Now I’m not a hocus pocus invisible man believing person, but I will admit that these coincidences are more than a little weird and quite disturbing.

Let me tell you a little story of an incident that occurred a couple of months ago at the CDC. It will lead into our discussion and my concerns about this Ebola situation. For those of you who don’t know, the CDC stands for the Centers for Disease Control. It’s a government agency based in Atlanta that handles outbreaks and containment of diseases. They’re the ones who come in with hazmat suits and handle quarantines and make sure that various deadly diseases don’t spread around too much. They are also charged with making sure viruses and bacteria are contained for research. Bacteria like anthrax.

Anthrax, if you recall, was used in the deadly mailing attack back in 2001, where a disturbed biodefense researcher was suspected of mailing letters laced with anthrax spores to various news outlets and to Senators Tom Daschle and Patrick Leahy. Anthrax spores are incredibly toxic and dangerous. The CDC has these spores on hand for research or whatever reason. It could be for biowarfare. Who knows why the government has some of these deadly substances that they do? Nonetheless, the CDC had these anthrax spores. What happened is about 80-90 CDC workers were exposed to anthrax. These workers were doctors, researchers, lab workers, etc. Joe the janitor wasn’t handling this stuff. These highly educated people were apparently so lackadaisical and careless that they exposed themselves to anthrax. In one instance, workers left keys in a cooler containing anthrax. Some people left the facility after they were exposed and mingled with the population. All in all, a very careless and haphazard way of dealing with a deadly bacteria.

We’re not talking about 5 or 10 people. 80-90 CDC workers were exposed to anthrax. There was also reports of workers being exposed to super influenza and of disinfecting products that were used that were expired. This agency, which is entrusted to maintain tight controls on all of these deadly viruses and bacteria did a horrible job. According to reports, there was no spread of these diseases to the general population, so after a couple of days the story died down and life went on. It’s amazing to me that these workers were so careless. Leaving your car keys with the anthrax? What, did they play hacky sack with the vials of super flu?

This organization that was careless with anthrax and super influenza? That organization is going to be receiving Ebola. A virus that has never ever stepped foot into the United States is officially on its way and will be in the hands of the very same people who were handling anthrax like hacky sacks.

The Ebola virus has been spreading at an alarming rate in Africa in countries like Liberia and Sierra Leone. The World Health Organization is telling people not to go to those areas. They are telling people that they are not able to contain the virus and the mortality rate is about 90%. If you get it, you most likely will die. Of the 1400 or so patients who have contracted the virus, over 700 of them have already died. Over half of those who have gotten this Ebola virus are dead. It is passed through bodily fluids and is very contagious. When you see people treating patients with this disease, they are decked out in hazmat suits, exactly like the ones they wore in the movie Outbreak. The Ebola virus is that dangerous and contagious and can kill you like that.

In Sierra Leone and Liberia where these outbreaks are occurring, doctors are going door to door to take people’s temperature to see if they are infected with the disease and if they are, they are taken away to be quarantined. Just like in Outbreak, going door to door and pulling people out of their homes if they are suspected to be infected with Ebola. That’s how bad it is over there.

So there was an American doctor and a missionary who were working with these Ebola patients and both of them got infected. I suspect that they were careful and knew what they were dealing with and took precautions. There is no cure for Ebola. You can’t take a shot of penicillin and you’re cool. These two Americans are gravely ill right now. They are almost dying over there.

Guess what? We have dispatched planes to fly over there with contagion chambers and doctors in hazmats suits and we are flying them to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta and they will be placed in an isolated containment facility to…. we don’t know what. There’s no cure. Their families can’t sit with them and hold their hands like they would a dying cancer patient. You can’t go near them. We will now have the Ebola virus in the United States for the first time ever. Not by accident, like an infected monkey or someone unsuspectingly boarding a plane who’s infected. We’re actually purposely bringing it here. We’re bringing an incurable deadly virus that has never been here to the United States.

If this is not a recipe for disaster I don’t know what is. This is like a horror movie. If we had 80-90 CDC workers who couldn’t properly handle anthrax, how do you you think they’re gonna fare against something like Ebola? There are gonna be hospital workers and CDC officials attempting to treat these two. I gotta imagine that a couple of the CDC people will be part of the group who left their car keys in the anthrax cooler. Any of these people could possibly be exposed and carry it home to their families who can spread it to other people in the community. There was an American who went to visit his sister in one of the Ebola areas who was sick and didn’t know that she had Ebola. She died and the brother who visited her also contracted Ebola and died. You can be contagious and not know you are infected because you have no symptoms at first. How many times have you been with your friends and one of them coughs? You don’t suspect that they may have Ebola, especially if they smoke. If somebody has flu-like symptoms they are not gonna go “Oh shit, I might have Ebola. Let me go to the hospital and put myself in an isolation tank.” We never had to worry about that shit in America. Well guess what? We do now.

Ebola was never a concern in this country. But now, with two people being flown in and treated by the same people who couldn’t contain anthrax, I would say that there is now gonna be a risk. Mark my words. I hate to sound like a doomsdayer, but I really think that we are gonna hear of people contracting the Ebola virus from bringing these people into the United States. We’re gonna bring these people on an airplane with recycled air and put them in a facility in Atlanta with people who couldn’t handle anthrax and super flu with care. All it takes is for them to get a small particle of bodily fluid on their hands, which invades their eyes or mouth and they go outside and spread the Ebola virus unwittingly to the population of Atlanta and then Atlanta spreads it to other states and before you know it, we will have a pandemic on our hands. They will have a map with red dots that fill the landscape, just like in the movie Outbreak.

Of everything that’s going on in the United States and the world, this is the thing I’m most outraged by. I don’t give a shit about the Middle East or any of that stuff. To me, this is the biggest blunder our country could ever make. This is scary. The World Health Organization says that this is the biggest Ebola outbreak in history and they don’t know if they’re gonna be able to contain it. For the United States to purposely bring it here is madness. Then to put it in the hands of 80-90 careless individuals at the CDC is frightening. It truly is.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is something we all need to be concerned about. We need to be cautious and hope that it is contained in this plastic bubble. Let’s hope nobody else gets infected and it does not spread across the United States.

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