Rob Black Almost Bought Papa Smurf’s Cottage in the Forest

Rob Black revealed Tuesday night that it was his business dealings with Paul Fishbein, Darren Roberts and Steve Hirsch that led to the formation of XPW, a wrestling organization.

“If I never went to wrestling that night I would never have met the kid I bought the company with.”

Black said while he never bounced a check to Hirsch, he did at one time contemplate buying Papa Smurf’s manse.

“When we had all that money [from Extreme Associates] we were buying a house. Hirsch said come on by and buy my house. Me and Tommy [Byron] went to Stevie’s house. This was pre-Bill Asher.

And we went to buy Steve’s house. I go to Tommy, “I’m so excited. We’re going to buy Steve Hirsch’s house. This fucking house is going to be a mansion, motherfucker. We had about $150,000 to put down. Bang. Oh my God, this thing is going to be awesome. I was so goddamn excited.

“I told Byron, think about it, man. Right now, we’re the biggest fucking thing in porn. We got limousines. We got jet planes. We got Rolexes. Now we’re going over to Steve Hirsch’s. He invited us to buy his fucking house. We get to Steven’s and it’s amazing. I remember going there and going Tommy, we got all this money and we’re on top of the world. Now we can tell people we bought Steve Hirsch’s house so he could upgrade. That means we’re on a trajectory to be wow, awesome.

“My cock is like hard as a rock. We pull up to this house and I’m thinking this has got to be the guest house, right?

“We get there and Steve goes, ‘Hey guys come on in.’

“Dude, it’s a beautiful house and the point is we were all close enough where he’d call me up and say, ‘I hear you’re looking to buy a house; come on over and buy my house.’”

Needless to say Black and Byron didn’t buy the house. He never said why.

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