Rob Black Breaks Down The Vivid Radio Roundtable of Bullshit

Vivid had a roundtable discussion on their new Vivid Radio station on Sirius/XM.

I discussed this a coupla nights ago, but I wanna break down what was said by the participants and the history of some of the people involved.

There’s a company called Manfuck aka Manwin. A European conglomerate who have taken this industry and utterly destroyed it. They bought and gutted Digital Playground, they have a network of websites, Brazzers among others. They are the entity that brought us tubesites with free content that have put the industry on a downward spiral never before seen.

Their business is based on deceit and corruption. Their former frontman Fabian Thylmann was busted for tax evasion and money laundering.

They came into America with a lot of money and bought various companies and businesses. Among them was Playboy. Hefner and the organization had been having financial difficulties for some time and when Manwin blew into town with a bunch of money, they jumped on it.

Manwin had a contract with Sirius and they controlled a channel on there called Playboy Radio. When the contract was up, it was not renewed.

When the slot at Sirius was available, Steven Hirsch took it over. Steven Hirsch is the figurehead behind Vivid Entertainment. When I say figurehead, I mean the face of the company. The man who is responsible for the company’s success in business is a man by the name of Bill Asher. Bill Asher is a brilliant man, A Dartmouth graduate who orchestrated the Playboy cable channel deal that brought Vivid millions of dollars.

What happened was Vivid bought the Playboy cable channel and Bill Asher made a deal to sell it back to them a few years later at a huge profit. All the success that Vivid has achieved since then has been a direct result of Bill Asher’s astute business acumen. He is a partner in Vivid along with another silent partner David James. Bill Asher is a genius and Steven Hirsch is nothing more than an ego-driven douchebag.

Steven now has a new satellite division, Vivid TV. Not everybody is carrying it. The Vivid TV satellite channel is not on Time Warner or any of the the prominent carriers. They’re test marketing it in a few venues, but the success has been limited. He’s been struggling to make this new venture work. He figures he can use the Vivid Radio channel to help promote his satellite division and perk up the interest of Time Warner and others.

But it’s not working out too well. Sirius has over a hundred channels, but their main draw is Howard Stern and the NFL. Mel Karmazin is the one who lured Howard away from terrestrial radio with a half a billion dollars and they made Sirius/XM into the powerhouse that it is today.

Everything else on Sirius is just filler. People don’t go out and buy Sirius to get Vivid Radio. They don’t buy it to listen to Octane or Martha Stewart. They buy Sirius/XM for Howard Stern and NFL.

The Playboy Channel was people like Christy Canyon and Ginger Lynn talking to truck drivers. They would talk about what made their pussies wet and the truck drivers would talk about how they used to jerk off to them when they were lonely. The programming was horrible. Notice how Ginger Lynn isn’t part of the new Vivid Radio lineup. Christy Canyon is, but Ginger’s not. Hmmm…

Now Steven Hirsch’s delusional mind thinks that talent who aren’t even competent to act in a pornography movie anymore are gonna be these fabulous radio hosts and talk to millions of people and entertain them.

Vivid Radio basically amounts to a big ego jerk for Steven. 15 million subscribers don’t translate into 15 million listeners and Time Warner knows that. Steve Hirsch is trying to became a celebrity in mainstream to the extent that he dated an F-list celebrity like Melissa Rivers, whose mother was an A-list celebrity 50 years ago. That lasted a coupla weeks. To the mainstream Steven Hirsch and Vivid are nothing more than filthy pornographers. That’s it.

This whole thing is an ego stroke. It makes absolutely no business sense whatsoever. Nobody at Time Warner or Comcast or DirectTV is gonna add Vivid TV to their systems because of a few radio shows on Sirius/FM. It ain’t gonna happen. But when you’re junked out of your mind these are the delusions that you create.

Here’s a bit from the AVN article:

“The inauguration of a weekly internet radio program that brings together the “movers and shakers” of the adult industry for a discussion of its problems and issues by people who are actually in a position to do something about them.”

So that’s the opening line. And here’s the Steve Hirsch quote:

“I want to bring in all sorts of people and it’s not only people who agree with my viewpoint, because to be honest with you, that’s boring. I want to bring in people who have all different sorts of viewpoints,” explained Vivid Entertainment CEO Steven Hirsch, who will moderate each episode. “I want to talk about what really happens behind the scenes in the industry,  so I’m excited and ecstatic to have a forum like this to reach out to other people in the industry who don’t necessarily get 60 minutes to talk about how they really feel, and hopefully people enjoy it.”

Oooh…Wow… What an interesting angle Mr. Hirsch. Aren’t you guys excited? He’s gonna have people with different viewpoints on his show! And they’re gonna be discussing the issues and the people who are gonna be on his show are the ones who are in a position to make things better in the business.

Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready for his first show? Cuz it’s very controversial. Not points that everyone agrees on, but hey, they’re gonna get through it. Let’s see who his first guests are.


Evil Angel CEO John Stagliano. Wow.The boss of Steve’s best buddy Christian Mann. Quite a discussion, huh guys? Different viewpoints. Whooo….OK.

Let’s see who else.

Kelly Holland, Penthouse Entertainment Managing Director (and now the publisher of Penthouse magazine.) Kelly Holland is also known as Toni English.

Now Penthouse is no longer the Penthouse of Bob Guccione. Penthouse was bought up by another shell corp Ponzi scheme. The guys at Adult Friend Finder. They got delisted from the stock market and haven’t turned a profit in seven years. They’re a joke.

When I was shooting movies with Exquisite, Howard Levine was distributing Penthouse DVD’s through Exile. He was lucky if he moved 300 pieces. Penthouse DVD is garbage. Kelly Holland pulled the line after a couple months. Wonder how they’re selling now?

This is part of the powerful lineup of “movers and shakers” that could do something. John Stagliano could do something. He had Sheena Shaw put dildos in his ass and used those same dildos on girls without washing them. That’s part of the lively discussion they didn’t have.

The next part of the lively discussion included Diane Duke of Free Speech Coalition. Diane Duke, who’s been asked about ten different questions that she’s never answered, but of course Steven’s not gonna ask anything that people are actually interested in.

Then of course scam artist and huckster lawyer Paul Cambria. What’s the last case he’s won in the past ten years? Stagliano? Please. Judge dismissed the case because the prosecutor couldn’t work the DVD player.

Now here is the lively discussion that these morons were having that were these different viewpoints. You show me anybody that Steven Hirsch is gonna put on his show that has a different view than his. I’ll be waiting. It ain’t gonna happen. He’s a punk.

“Hirsch first asked Duke to give some background on the issue, and she summed up the situation, noting, “We haven’t previously seen a lot of performers testing positive, and three seems like a huge number, but if you put it in perspective, just in LA County alone, there are five new cases of HIV daily, and when you look at these performers who have tested positive, this is nationwide… Only one of them is in the LA County area, so that tells you something, that it is really very rare for a performer to test positive, and then we found out that these transmissions did not occur on-set, so we’ve been able to show that, and so what is true is, you’ve got 4,000 performers and with those numbers, it’s inevitable that somebody’s going to end up positive for HIV. The good news is, because the program works, we are able to call a moratorium to make sure no transmission occurs on-set.”

Guys, do you realize what she just said? How do you put into perspective five new cases of HIV a day and try to apply that to the porn business? That makes no sense. You’re talking about the world. An unregulated environment. In the world you have people who murder schoolchildren. Do you compare that to porn and say no schoolchildren were murdered in porn this year? Do you say it’s inevitable that some schoolchildren are gonna be murdered in porn?

How can these idiots try to compare what happens in in the real world, in society, with what happens in porn, which is supposed to be a business?

These people are supposed to be intelligent. The ones we should listen to. Unbelievable.

John Stagliano says this:

“I think the bottom line is to look at the group of people that work in the adult business and see if there’s a greater incidence of HIV within that group—and remember, these are very sexual people,” Stagliano added. “Diane has access to better data than I do, but I just found out that five people a day test positive for HIV in the LA County area, and if you multiply that by the number of days since the last time someone was infected on a set ten years ago in the adult industry, you find that we’re clearly a safe place.”

Can you fucking believe what John Stagliano just said? Take out the fact that Stagliano performs risky behavior with the talent. He saying that people get HIV all the time, but in porn it’s only happened a coupla times so it’s totally safe.

These educated people are trying to apply real world situations with what goes on in the adult business. It’s ludicrous and makes no sense. That’s like saying what happens in the porn business is what should be happening in the real world.

In the real world, you’re talking about unregulated, unscripted life. People can walk into an elementary school and shoot ten children in the head. People like Kurt Brackob aka Kurt Treptow, who does business with Free Speech Coalition, can fuck children. But you do have control over whether someone spreads HIV in the business. By wearing a condom.

I can’t imagine Greg Alves and I getting into a fight and him coming over and blowing up my building. Why not? It happens in the Middle East.

You have a disease that someone can get from a blood transfusion, a dentist, sharing a needle, unprotected sex with a hooker who’s HIV positive. How do you equate all of these things that occur in the real world and apply them to a business that’s supposed to be self regulated?

At this point, to keep arguing with these people who control the business is pretty pointless. How do you argue with these four people when their concepts are so skewed with bullshit? How can they compare the rates of infection in the real world to our business? It’s ludicrous, it’s asinine, and to have these four people on the radio is just disgusting to everybody who’s listening.

Let’s move on to Cambria.

“Cambria was on hand to recap the progress of Vivid’s Measure B lawsuit, and while he noted that some provisions of the law, including the ability of the county health department to pull a company’s shooting permits, had been struck down by Judge Pregerson in his most recent ruling, he nonetheless upheld the basic requirement that if there’s sex, condoms must be used.
“A lot of my clients are not producing at all in LA County because it isn’t a level playing field, because you have competitors from non-LA County places who can shoot without condoms,” he said, adding that some productions have even “gone underground” to avoid inspectors.”

This is a lie. Paul Cambria, who has gone underground to avoid inspectors?

“Ignorance is a big factor,” he added. “A number of people on the street have no idea as to the detailed testing that went on and how effective it was and how there was a remarkably less incidence of HIV in the adult industry than there was the population as a whole, but to someone who doesn’t know that, it’s like, ‘Gee, how could it not be true? A condom would just solve all our problems.’ Well, it doesn’t work that way. There are issues here that are larger than that. The question is, are there other avenues that can be taken which would be just as effective if not moreso, and at the same time not violate fundamental constitutional rights, and that’s really where we are here.”

Paul Cambria is lying, which isn’t surprising. That’s what’s shyster lawyers do. Judge Pregerson said the the law is constitutional. He struck down some provisions that were wrong and upheld the rest that were right.

Once again, for Paul Cambria to talk about the population as a whole and compare that to the adult industry is fucking ridiculous. The population as a whole is not regulated. The adult industry is. So if the adult industry has cases of HIV, that means they are not doing a good enough job to regulate themselves. That’s it. There is not an acceptable level of HIV. The justifications they use would never hold up in a debate outside of that group of four. You could never testify in front of a group of senators and justify a certain amount of death. There is no justifiable amount of death when the death can be avoided by wearing a condom. If condoms prevent infection and the industry is not using them, a senator will say that we are not doing enough to prevent the disease. And testing is just a mechanism to determine is somebody is positive. It is not a preventive measure and it is not an aftercare measure. It’s just a fucking test.

Paul Cambria is an attorney who is supposed to be intelligent. He says, “Look at the population as a whole. look at all the people infected with HIV and now look at the adult business. If we educate people, they will see that our business is safe.”

No, Mr. Cambria, you’re an idiot.

If Steve Hirsch lived up to what he said he wanted to do and that is to have opposing viewpoints, he would’ve had somebody on there who would’ve said, “You know that’s bullshit.”

We tell everybody our business is safe, that’s everybody responsible and that we can regulate ourselves. Yet they compare what happens in the real world, where people are untested. share needles, etc. to what happens in our regulated business. How do you do that? You can’t.

I’m not even college educated, yet I’m debating people with degrees. I’m debating people who are supposed to be smart and you people are fucking stupid. A fucking lawyer is saying that our industry is safer than the general population. It should be, you fucking asshole!

I’ve never walked into Vivid Entertainment and worried about a suicide bomber. Nor should I worry about a girl that I’m gonna work with is a junkie full of HIV. I would think that a business that’s supposed to be regulated and is worth 7 billion dollars would be safe. Why would I equate it to the outside world?

Paul Cambria, you are a fucking joke. You are an embarrassment to this industry. It is disgusting and deplorable that you are associated with it.

And then there’s Kelly Holland, who says some pretty disturbing things.

“I believe that we are the vanguard of a very political voice for free speech and privacy,” she stated. “I was a feminist when I got in this business and I’m still a feminist.”

I’d like to ask Kelly what her definition of a feminist is. I guarantees you Kelly Holland’s definition of a feminist if different than Hillary Clinton’s definition of a fucking feminist.

“I see no contradiction between pornography and feminism. Why don’t I? Because at the base of all of this is a prevailing rule, law, standard, however you want to characterize it, which is, ‘My body, my rules.’ … The bottom line on set is, do what you’re comfortable with… But if you’re comfortable with it, how arrogant for AIDS Healthcare Foundation or the public health department to think that these performers don’t understand the risk. Is there risk? Statistically, almost none. Our cases don’t happen inside this industry; it’s outside activity and they bring it into the industry and public health and AIDS Healthcare Foundation should be thanking us and partnering with us at every level because we are intercepting those high-risk sexual behaviors and testing them every two weeks, and we’re the ones that are the first line of defense… We’re capturing all this information; the health department should be using it.”

Kelly Holland, you are a fucking douche. You say everything is brought in from the outside of the business. Escorting. Yet virtually every single performer in this business does escorting. The agents perpetuate it. She talks about irresponsibility off set and people bringing disease into the business. Kelly Holland seems pretty clueless because she’s talking about the entire business.

Derek Hay runs the biggest escort agency and all of his girls are hookers. ATMLA, hookers. Spieglergirls, hookers. Skin Diamond is a Spiegler girl. She escorts with Victor in abusive sessions set up by Princess Donna.

These are the things that contribute to bringing disease into the business. Just like Kelly Holland says. Everybody’s irresponsible and the only line of defense is that little piece of paper that says they don’t have HIV that day. And that’s good enough. And the County Health department should be thanking us because we test these people. What should LA County be thanking us for? The LA County Health Department should be thanking us that our hookers aren’t going around spreading disease? They’re already out there. I don’t understand your logic.

She says, “My body. my rules.” But when you’re driving a car, it’s your body right? But the state says put a fucking seatbelt on. But it’s your body, your rules. But when you ride a fucking motorcycle, you gotta wear a helmet. Oh, I forgot, my body, my rules.

Isn’t this a group of intelligent individuals speaking for our business?

“Every time we call a moratorium, AIDS Healthcare Foundation will come out and say ‘There is a crisis. See? There’s all this incidence of HIV in the porn industry’,” she noted. “What’s really important to understand is those people that contracted HIV this year would have contracted HIV whether or not they were wearing condoms on a set, and if the testing was not in place, those people may still not know that they have HIV and they would be having unprotected sex or thinking that they were safe and so, Kelly’s right: We should be thanked because we are protecting people, we are encouraging people to have tests regularly, and I think our industry is an example… Every time a moratorium is called, it’s proof that our system works.”

So the only reason people get tested is because they do porn? She’s saying they would’ve gotten HIV whether or not they used a condom. No, if they wore a condom they wouldn’t have gotten HIV. If they wear a condom in porn they won’t get HIV. If they wear a condom off set they won’t get HIV.

People should thank the industry for testing them for HIV? So they can be tested and told to fuck off? Remember, everyone who has tested positive have been exiled from the business.

So Katie Summers and Kelly Divine would’ve had John Stagliano exposing them to HIV regardless of whether or not they were in the adult business?

Nobody gets tested unless they are in the adult business? I don’t see a truck rolling around offering free HIV testing all the time?

These delusional people think that nobody listens to Rob Black and his message is evil. Because they’re on satellite, they’re gonna get the correct message out to millions of people. Nobody is listening to Vivid Radio. The only thing it does is allow me the opportunity to point out how everything you say is bullshit.

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