Rob Black Challenges Bill Margold to a Debate; Margold’s a Lunatic, Says Black

No one was spared the wrath of Rob Black Tuesday afternoon. Black’s Internet show went all the way from Steve Hirsch who Black accuses of stealing his father’s money to start up Vivid, to Larry Flynt and even the LA Weekly. There Black might have a point.

Black talked about the inherent dumbness in the piece LA Weekly did on who might be the next Jenna Jameson.

“Out of the list nobody’s heard of fucking eight of those girls!”

“Why? Because you’re friends of somebody who gave you a list? LA Weekly, listen to my show you stupid motherfucker. Whoever is the porno beat writer [Dennis Romero], listen to my show. Get some history. You actually interviewed me when I ran for mayor and you did a whole eight page story on me. Listen to my show and learn some facts you stupid bastard.

“Sasha Grey was the next Jenna Jameson. Don’t you think your stupid story should be updated? Don’t you think you should say the next Sasha Grey? I’m fucking lost. LA Weekly, I’m sorry, you’re a free paper. What do you expect? You are a Bill Margold hooker ad paper? What’s it called? The LA Xpress? Bill Margold has a better publication than LA Weekly. The legend of porn, Bill Margold, my friend.

“Bill, instead of talking shit about me why don’t you come on air and have a real debate with me? Why don’t you tell everybody why you hate me. Because I got a whole bunch of history about you, man. Tom Byron’s filling me in about when you went on the Rona Barrett show, talking about how you were performing with your fucking child. And you say I’m crazy? You’re a fucking lunatic!

“You fuck, but I’m going to give you this. Your paper has more credibility than LA Weekly because you actually have to pay a quarter for it. LA Weekly, you stupid fucks, start listening to my show and you can understand about the porn business.

“Huffington Post, same thing. Listen to my show, and you can understand about the porn business. You’ll understand who the players are. This is stuff Mike South won’t even tell you. Because Mike South is Mr. Inside? Bullshit. It’s all bullshit. I never heard you talk about Stagliano. I never heard you talk about Evil Angel.”

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